Army compositions


What do you think are the best army composition for offense? And what do you think is the best army comp for defense?
basically the rule i have is 230 rams, and keep your bezerker queue running always. then build axe, lc, ma depending on whether you want recruitment speed or total nuke strength. build axe for strength, ma or lc for speed (which one depends on what your enemy builds for defense). I have a few all-axe and a few all ma. the two work together because archers, which is best against ma, is the weakest against axe.
For defense. I have yet to find a defensive build that beats an all-HC defense. its fast to recruit, fast to deploy, its strong, and its well rounded. An equivalant footsoldier build takes over twice as long to build, and doesnt give you much more in total strength. Some players pad their hc with spears, but that decreases your recruit speed, deployment speed, doesnt much improve your strength, and only rounds out your defense a little better.