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70% reached - A.I

  • Thread starter DeletedUser3201
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i dont bother if players is taking some barbs. I just dont understand why players like Red69 dont play sim city, farmville etc instead of a war game. The realy fun part is when he say he isnt impressed by his opponents. Im impressed he find it fun to noble 188 barbs/internal when he noble 1 from A.I He actually did have frontline villas.


Less then 30 days after AI have got 70% i can say that AI now has 80% :)
I woud love to say big thx to all ex BBB players who have chicken out after a month of real war and all 1 by 1 run away from this world, i'm just so proud on them and how brave thay have been from the start with "we will own you , you are all dead and so on and on"
Special bravo to Tyrsium and Rummor : Big boss baby (ak Tyrsium) 79 villas best score and big man him self Rummor 53 villa best score (with amazing score of 860k off bash in his life time) guys you are the best!!!
On the end for the leader of Yak : Theministry go play farmville its only game for you where your skill can be found (remmeber that massage you have send before zerks nukes from bodoga and bigbossbaby hit me on sw and you have been "you are going down and on and on" guess what im still here ;)
For my team and tribe i have say it all in the game Rock and Roll :D