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Recent content by schlager7

  1. Silly Question re: Endgame

    Currently there are two Endgame formats: Victory Points and Domination. Back on the first TW2 worlds, there was a radically different Endgame plan which the game developers were unable to make work. Original Endgame While talking with a player from those early days, I was reminded of the...
  2. Silly Question About Chapels and Barbs

    From time to time, if you spy buildings in barbs, you fine one that still has a chapel, presumably a remnant from when it belonged to an active account. If one "supports" said barb (in order to hide troops, whatever) does that barb's chapel still function? That is, does the strength of my troops...
  3. Domination Time?

    Soooooooo???????? Is there another threshold for us to pass?
  4. Domination Time?

  5. Domination Time?

    I believe KOL has been at a bit over 70% for a few days now.