Zombie World


It's dark here. Since the lights went out weeks ago, nothing serves to illuminate this world. The grey hulks of once mighty civilisations stand everywhere, mute memorials to time and effort spent in pursuit of the unachievable goal of world domination.
There are few survivors: a few hardy souls scraping a living from the seemingly endless supplies of barbarian villages, pillaged time and again for the pitiful morsels they reluctantly give up.
But we struggle on: noble an inactive here and there, internal players who would have laughed at our efforts and, in a desperate effort to finish a world that should have been put down weeks ago, we few, we brave few have even taken to nobling barbs.
Yep: that's where we are at now - there's even a forum group dedicated to barb claims for gods sake. I'm sure we could go lower, but it would need a lot of time and industrial excavation equipment.
The endgame sucks Inno - do something about it.


Oh man, I love this post.

It seems like you do have over 80% of the top 10 tribes, in fact you have 85%, this world should have been closed by now.

I know it is a VP world, but I think I read somewhere that VP worlds can be won trough domination as well (in case gathering 3,5k VP takes too long).