x2 Speed World/Domination/Relocation/Church/NO SABOTAGE

Simple. A x2 speed world that is domination with relocation, church and NO SABOTAGE (Just disable this for the world, sabotaging the church is cheap and lame, FORCE US TO INVADE BY NOBLING BARBS OR SMALL INACTIVES, MAKE US WORK FOR IT). DO NOT JUST RANDOMLY OPEN.

Give us a heads up of abouth a month (Email or FaceBook since INNO spams their other games as advertisements, so it could rope in players from other browser games INNO owns). That way, we as players can get in contact with IRL friends and family to prepare a plan. Imagine it, that would make the population of that world sky rocket about any other world you have opened in past year. Sure it cost money to keep a server running and open, but in reality you have made x100 of that from crowns in every past world purchased. I have no doubt in my mind you would make a record profit off this world idea alone since this game has been in decline over the years. We as players deserve something new, fun and creative. W25 in TW1 was a x2 speed world and since then, there has never been any. It is very unfair. That was the best world ever played and most fun I had on TW1 looking back.

It would be very fun to see a 1k active population world with pre-planned teams and strats (These worlds barely have ~100 truly active players). Whatever happened to a mid-game top 3 tribe war 200v200v200. A world worth restarting more than once on I am sure of it. But, sadly, I have no hope for this idea even though every player would agree to x2 speed, but debate about the other suggestions for such a concept.

-Would love to hear other player's input(s) on this.


There are not enough players to save this game with a simple world x2 or a tweak here and there, u need a massive overhaul of p2w mechanics, try to get money for skins(and other visual improvements), not buying 20k troops and kill ur enemy =)). Do everything u can to get players back, this is such a sad state of the game. In my life i have never seen such a good game, going so bad so fast because of the pay 2 win mechanics. I know u want to make money how they did 10-15 years ago with these kind of games, but people evolved, you should evolve with them InnoGames. Everything u have to do to save this game is this:

1. Cut 80% of p2w mechanics or more!!!!
2. Do some interesting visual effect and skins for money.

This will get ur player base back and instead of having 100 players paying 100$ a month you can have 1000000 paying 1$..
I'm just really sorry about this game.

See you after 2-3 months,