Worse value for money on Gyulai Var??

So I thought I'd start on Gyulai Var and I was prepared to put in a few quid this time and give it a go that way, given thaT I'd played a few worlds now and not spent anything.

Then I saw this:

Hang on I thought - only 244 spears on a LEGENDARY deal??? That can't be right.

This is what I currently have available on Eremitage:

Clearly this is not good. Clearly the 'value for money' settings on Gyulai Var have been reduced or something. I'd expect at least 300+ units for a legendary deal.

What's going on? I aint dropping nothing into it if this is how the world is set up.
The amount of troops available from the daily deals is based on barracks level, this is to somewhat limit how many troops a player with money can suddenly manage to generate overnight, as well as pacing it with the world progression.

When I was looking at the daily deals, a legendary deal was about 11 hours worth of troops at THAT barracks level. I can see that your screenshots are from 2 very different stages of barracks build, which is why you are seeing the difference in unit offers. Once Gyulai Var barracks is up to par, I'm sure your daily deals will match,
Id never noticed this before, and although I've not spent any cash I have won crowns on here and via offers. Ive never once noticed that the barracks level effects the amount of troops are available, and I'm sure I would have noticed that. The standard deal on Gyulai is in the 50's whereas on another world its in the 80's.

Gonna check on alnwick now where i should have a low level barracks.
Yep its the same on Alnwick. So it is affected by the barracks level. Unfortunately means no cash spend by me. Let me put it this way: if you'd previously seen 2 xbox games for a tenner you wouldn't go and buy just one would you.
Basing the troop deals off barracks hours, rather than just assigning troop counts to each level of the deal balances a feature that still gives a considerable advantage to those who use it.

Consider that if you have the largest barracks level in your sector, each deal is putting you up by 11 hours on your competitors. It might seem like a weaker deal when compared with the full spectrum of the leveling system, but relatively speaking, it is still a powerful tool to potentially gain a day and a half worth of troops out of thin air over your opponents.
Its just something else that makes the 'frugal' player like myself not want to spend money though. If I'm spending money I want the most bang for my buck I can get, because I'm not willing to spend loads.

Its not on an even par again. Player A (me) buys the legendary deal and gets 244 units. Player B (someone else) spends loads of crowns upgrading his barracks 10 levels and then gets 300+ units. Everything in the game is screaming 'spend more, spend more' all of the time.
You buy troop with real money and still cry about amount you get? You can see amount you can get, if you don't like it - don't buy it, none is pushing you to do it.