Worlds end.

Hello to the mods.
Can en38 be watched for victory conditions? by my math GRD are currently only 75 more villages short of 80%
Ill go back and do the math from time to time, but GRD have been taking 60-100 villages per day, and with a push ought to be able to finish this within hours
that has been rounded to the nearest whole number, they are actually on 79.6% right now. about 36 villages short.
lol, its always been a matter of time. Ive been watching the percentage since i started this thread, they have gone from 79.2% to 79.6% in three days, so we have another 3 days to go unless they get their act together.
My account is outside the top10 tribes, so im going to start taking top10 villages to help them hurry up. It should not have taken even this long.
hopefully they call it soon and set the close date.. I am sure there are a few that are more than ready for it to be done.
according to the support ticket i sent in with that last message, they were gonna check and anounce "by this weekend" so within the next couple days i guess.