World War Juval.


Juval descends into it's first large scale World War.

^ Map of active combatants.

Story line so far:

NOT Rising:
NOT has been a tribe on Juval for a long time, however for the majority of the time they where just a small player west where Winds of Winter where the more significant player for a long period of time.
Kristianas broke from Carthage due to his want to fight WoW and considering WoW where just a bunch of barb noblers pushed them over quite easily then after the WOLFPACK vs ATF war ended and WOLFPACK picked up a large amount of ATF members WOLFPACK split in half with a large amount of old ATF members forming a clan called TLC. TLC disbanded rather quickly and most of their members merged into NOT immediately, the rest would follow suit in more recent times. NOT also picked up the members from a minor tribe in the North above Carthage called Forsaken.

With the multiple mergers of quite significant tribes NOT became a world player and took in Kristianas and completely pushed over WoW in a matter of weeks.

WOLFPACK took control of the center which was originally held by Fools, New Order and then ATF who where all the same tribe when they beat ATF and ATF conceded. After the war with ATF Carthage who was a tribe that had a NAP with WOLFPACK formed an alliance with UBH and started a war with WOLFPACK which was being fought for multiple months and was very back and forth.

First Triumvirate:
Not known by me to be confirmed but it is heavily assumed that NOT joined the alliance with Carthage and UBH forming a Triumvirate, they then spent the next month or so preparing themselves for war with WOLFPACK.

Second Triumvirate:
When the WOLFPACK noticed NOT appearing like they where forming alliance with their enemies (Carthage and UBH) WOLFPACK decided to form their own alliance, long time NAP and friends ORK and their sister tribe TCS formed a triumvirate with WOLFPACK to counter the size of the alliance NOT, CTG and UBH had formed making two large alliances in the Northern hemisphere and the Southern hemisphere.

SPV long time ally to WOLFPACK would also become a part of the alliance forming a quadrumvirate against CTG, NOT and UBH.

First offensive:
The slow paced wars between WOLFPACK and the alliance of UBH and CTG had been going slowly for a while with pushes here and there but no major advances. NOT threw the first offensive punch attacking heavily in the North against mainly WOLFPACK combatants and taking a few villages from WOLFPACK members and a lot of Barbs in the area to set up a base of operation for a Northern offensive.

Carthage's issues:
A week after the beginning of the first offensive Carthage started to have some issues. Carthage had been a tribe standing on a limited amount of active fighters for a long amount of time, with Ant0 leaving Carthage for NOT and Carthage not being at war with CNA a tribe that had be causing NOT members Kristianas a pain in his ass for a while, several NOT members started to get uneasy about Carthage and wish to deal with CNA and free Kristianas from that conflict to fight vs the quadrumvirate of WLF, ORK, TCS and SPV.

Carthage on the outside appear to be having problems, the obvious one being Ant0's departure to NOT further strengthening NOT's arsenal of high tier high point players making them a large player on the world scale, CTG still stands on the 25/10/2015 but on the outside things don't look fantastic.

(This is wrote from the quadrumvirate's point of view of current situations, if anyone from the NOT, CTG and UBH Triumvirate want to modify anything in the story that's gone by let me know this is just to document the first significant war on Juval.)

Current top 15.

Text version in case image is lost.
Scarlett Duck NOT.
Buchanan101 ORK
Sota WLF
Ant0 NOT
Yokatsu SPV
Rheene NOT
Fragkiskos UBH
Thudde ORK
Aylward UBH
Haynezy ORK
Shadowlurder SPV
zTP08z NOT
Atomizer187 NOT
Florac ORK

(6 NOT members. 4 ORK members. 2 SPV members, 2 UBH members. 1 WLF member or 8 Triumvirate members, 7 quadrumvirate members)

Top 8 tribes

Top 8 tribes are all heavily involved in the war.

Top 5 total bash points.

Kristianas 12 Million NOT
Buchanan101 8 Million ORK
Frakiskos 8 Million UBH
George07R 8 Million WLF
(All stats are rounded up for bash points.)

Top 5 Offensive Bash points.

Kristianas 10 Million NOT.
Buchanan101 8 Million ORK.
Fragkiskos 7 Million UBH.
George07R 6 Million WLF.


Maximusprime201 3 Million ORK.
Artaric 3 Million WLF
Vastodlock 3 Million NOT.
EZES 3 Million TCS
DaKoal 3 Million KNT (no longer a big player)


This is pretty cool. Wonder why no ones responded to this.


Never thought you had the time to write this, hahaha, I can confirm from the point of side of TCS this NOT assaults are accurate and are happening now. If you have the time to explain more the other sides of each tribes, it would be great.


thanks for editing that first post especially that part about ATF (as we (exATF members) still dont agree with you about being defeated just because leader kendawg1987 disbanded tribe to save himself .. he could have left assigning leadership to someone else but as far as we were informed by ppl from WLF - agreement to let him in was to destroy / disband ATF)

as for possible update on NOT history part (feel free to rewrite it with your words) => After ATF was gone one of first new tribes formed from its members was "The Outlaws" tribe that continued with fights against WoW .. this common enemy then at first led to extension of alliance of NOT and ExS (Exsilium) by taking in GBU (The Outlaws) and after some time these three tribes decided to merge into one tribe.

After that it is probably more or less as you wrote..


sorry didn´t read it correctly .. you still have that bad info about ATF vs. WLF there .. it´s just under WLF history and not that global one .. so thanks but no thanks :)

and i apologize but it won´t allow me to edit my previous post..


The reason this isn't going to get much replies is because it's tribe bashing. It'd be one thing if it was based in facts, but when "WLF defeated ATF" is even in the context, that's where you're wrong.

Time to explain what really happened.

The war with WLF was just getting started, then Ken, who is afraid of getting rimmed, decided to disband the tribe one morning in favour of getting into WLF. He took very few members with him (a few of which later leaves because they don't like where it's going) and the whole remainder of ATF that he did not take rebanded in small groups which they just made tribes to communicate with each other easier. Multiple tribes disbanded as ex-ATF members started to merge back together as their trust in each other overcame the distrust in people Ken's betrayal left in us.

Eventually a lot of ex-ATF landed in a tribe called TLC, once views on which way to take the war split, most left for NOT which wanted to fight WoW/CNA while the few who stayed in TLC were staying because they wanted to fight ORK to bring their men from far out East over to our own boarders.

While xZiia does not say it here, he considers the TLC disbanding a win. What really happened was the remainder of us finally merged into NOT as we all wanted to contribute to the same tribe skill pool and communicate better in war efforts.

NOT overall is made up of the original NOT members, ex-WLF-ATF and ex-TLC-ATF members. Basically to make it clear. NOT is made up of NOT players and ex-ATF members while WLF is made up of WLF players and a few ex-ATF (whom will never be accepted back).

Now onto a very neutral view of how the world is.

There have been very few "wins" in this world so far. Anyone who is alive right now is alive because they're active or under the protection of active players. Everyone that is dead and gone retired from the world or were not active enough to defend themselves. Many tribes that were "defeated" so far, really just merge into other tribes. There have been very few active player rims for quite a while now. That's simply because there is no one in the game who can actually topple the board with teams constantly changing and players constantly switching their colour for a new one.

If I ever hear the question "where do you see the world in 3 months from now" ever again. I will say exactly what I said to the last one. Besides inactives and maybe a few tribal changes, in-general it will be the exact same thing. There wont be a difference. Ultimately right now it's CTG, UBH, NOT, WLF, SPV, ORK and TCS that control the map. If there are no more disbanding/merges from here on out, it will stay like that probably for the next year if not more.


Ok, so the time has come where WLF leadership is falling apart (quitting). Members are leaving (george07r etc) and they are losing point and villages (see tw2 tools)

Is the end of WLF nigh? Which way will they run?

Oh and lets get some tribe/player bashing! Makes this more entertaining.


Ok, so the time has come where WLF leadership is falling apart (quitting). Members are leaving (george07r etc) and they are losing point and villages (see tw2 tools)

Is the end of WLF nigh? Which way will they run?

Oh and lets get some tribe/player bashing! Makes this more entertaining.
Not yet, WLF is still standing, time moves fast, tribes rise and fall.



While NOT is advancing, ORK, one of the most powerful tribes who stood once against NOT and many other tribes, disappeared from the face of the earth, in the process of disbanding, most of the members of ORK joined forces with their enemies, United Brotherhood, while others decided to form a small group under the name of The Varangian Guard, lead by Prince Ursus, former diplomat and leader of ORK.
The present map shows clearly how 3 major tribes are holding ground and continuing to fight each other.
As the alliance between Cartage, The Companions, THE WOLFPACK, The Varangian Guard and The Spartan Vanguard tightens more fights are held on every front. Only time will tell exactly what will be the faith of the tribes and who will fall next.


so the updates show ubh and not (allies) in the clear lead of this world. Are there gonna be any suprise from the opposition? NOT is well maintained and close knit and im sure UBH is as well so there is going to be no falling apart if thats what some are hoping


Good read guys,
when the only complaint to w world history is "ATF wasnt defeated it disbanded" it must be pretty accurate, with just a few differences in definitions.
To you ex-ATF guys, the tribe was defeated, even if its members were not. You gave your founder the ability to score an "own goal" and defeat the tribe from the inside, the tribe ceased to exist because of the conniving of WLF convincing your founder to disband the tribe. That sounds like a "win" to me, though it may not be a great victory, and may be considered a backfire, in that the members just up and joined another of WLF's enemies.
Someone keep us updated with how this story progresses, My world was always a 2-horse race in the eyes of the current winning tribe, as the side tribes from early game were never big or skilled enough to provide a challenge, even when the majority banded together with the top tribe in an attempt to halt the expansion of the then #3 tribe only (#6 an #7 didnt join, exact numbers may be slightly off, i know #1 #2 and #4 at the least joined). So this 6 tribes with intrigue and politics combined with actual fighting is fascinating to me. This is how TribalWars should be played


Juval was a political world from the very start.

ATF lost in their war of Politics and it happened as soon as I was kicked really, such a large chunk of ATF dropped off out of no where and then with Ken's bad decisions across the board they where easy to take down from inside, especially considering I had at least 10 spies in their ranks.


i'm lurking in Juval :3
if anyone want's me to join there tribe hit me up.
I got armed nukes.


Juval was a political world from the very start.

ATF lost in their war of Politics and it happened as soon as I was kicked really, such a large chunk of ATF dropped off out of no where and then with Ken's bad decisions across the board they where easy to take down from inside, especially considering I had at least 10 spies in their ranks.
This is a face I have not seen in a very long time!


Check the evolution of the world of Juval on the Maps! section in Juval Threath, over there I post now and then events of how the world has evolved. xZiiaaaaac your WLF tribe has joined UBH. Which now is allied with TCS. ORK is part of UBH. NOT, UBH, TCS and SPV stand still, UBH being the most dominant tribe of them all. V G has been born out of what was left of ORK.
Just have a look at the map:



Well looks like the final battle has come.

Seems like the treachery of UBH family has no ends. Gone behind the alliance that once saved them from inhalation. Working against their allies at every opportunity and now attacking.. tut tut tut

What is that saying? Oh yeah its. "Once a traitor, always a traitor."

May as well go a quick one on stats before the war:

UBH Family

Rank Tag Tribe Members Villages Points Points/Member
1 UBH United Brotherhood 146 22 594 203 703 078 1 395 227
3 TCS The Companions 136 11 869 99 866 208 734 310
4 V G The Varangian Guard 11 1 954 18 400 759 1 672 796
Total: 293 36 417


Not tribe:
2 NOT New Order Tribe 93 15 362 139 190 850 1 496 676

Jesus christ, us in NOT have one hell of a lot of villages to noble.


If I recall the actions correctly, then NOT declared war on UBH. Regardless of this though, the game is tribalwars. We have all been holding hands on this world for a while now. Lets actually fight people, rather than taking down the small frys.


If I recall the actions correctly, then NOT declared war on UBH.

We just pushed the button. You declared war as soon as your players sent attacks. You've been holding hands? You mass recruited everyone lol, you nobled all barbarian villages just like CTG did. You recruited and made allies of all your enemies all in the aim of undermining your allies which is definitely not what we did to you. Thats how we see it :)