World 49

Greetings to you all.

Has anyone got any Ideas when the new world will drop? I'm going to guess it'll be the typical 13:00pm server time launch but even with the recent Halloween gwen event over no information has been posted regarding its opening day. I had half expected its release today (2nd) but again nope, nothing.

However, I am curious to know do we still get the 24 hour advanced notice on new worlds opening? I've played a few times when I've personally seen no advance notice and a new world seemingly comes into existence from no where. I'll ultimately post this and then find the information I'm looking for afterwards as always but;

If anyone knows anything let me know I'd appreciate it. Cheers.
:O I've never seen the 1 week prior post. Even when W48 opened the thread was made on the 23rd before the 24th opening. Or is there somewhere the threats are created in advance that I don't know about

Also just realized I can message you in game rather than here xD
Yeah I've been looking over at the US forums they are so much more active and talkative to the community. I only see maybe 3-4 regular players commenting or posting anything on the forums here on EN. Well thank you now I know I'll just keep on waiting for the new world to open
Shame , i was planning to play this one ...
Didn't we have a poll about Dom vs VP Worlds and like +90% voted Dom so we were promised more Dom worlds moving forward like 4 Dom/1 Vp or something ??
I'm thankfully not typically phased by VP or Dom worlds I just wish they'd cap tribe limits much much lower so the game doesn't simply end through merging. Ultimately it's a war game but pushing diplomacy mid game with massive merges completely ruins the need for mass wars to win, this is more true for VP worlds compared to dom but recently it's quite a noticeable shift away from releasing dom worlds. From worlds 45-49 there's only 1 active dom world. You'd at least expect a 1:1 ratio since they only have these 2 types.
With the new world and again not the one most wanted a DOM with Relocation this game will get less members.
I think its not a really good move.

EN49 vp 3500 points yak
I think a poll could work quite effectively for deciding on new worlds and the play style they'll be. I would've preferred a Dom world the more and more I think about the upcoming opening of W49 but its becoming unlikely that they'll open regularly compared to VP. I'm looking forward to seeing what names pop up in the rankings for this one.