So this forum is looking like an original tw world after its ended...DEAD .
I believe there are several wars going on .Anyone take a guess from looking at the maps? if so then post here and what you think of both tribes.Or incase its more than one all tribes involved.


I'm in The Church of Saint Rock (CSR).

I can't really say too much, alls I can say is 5 or 6 of the top 10 tribes are engulfed in minor battles across the map, it's all brewing up slowly but surely.
since i most likely wont be around on this world for much longer.(Not under attack but its boring. so damned huggish and too many inactives for my liking.)
A little birdie told me that The tribe B-R and CSR are having some arguments back and forth.civilians are killed but eventually the Praia b-r is the likely win depending on numbers over activeness.

TLN i have no idea but their dwindling ever so slowly.Who knows what happening.Mass in-house killing or perhaps outsiders?
AD1 is in trades with WTB and their ilk. Hard to say who will last.or even if it will escalate to ones allies.
Now for the juicy fun! lets see
WTB are currently fighting KOH and winning...Buuutttt that could be put down to their numbers and KOH having more than enough inactives to feed their less skilled players!.
Up north west side we have a classical three-way happening.Between EMR who have like 5 people attacking against BOTH MyM and RoG.RoG being my own tribe.Gotta be honest though likely to not last much longer.Inactives be the death of thee.

And there you go folks. From what i found in about 5 minutes is the above. no insults intended...OOOkkkkk maybe a little.
An update regarding the north west side of things
EMR are now vsing T-E an offspring of active members from RoG and MYM are taking potshots at EMR still debating wether or not to join in or wait it out.