War Declaration


Long have we stood, vigilant and determined to ensure the scourge of barbarianism is cleansed from these lands. Long we have Laboured under the ire of others tribes for our refusal to do battle and remain as true Bystanders. Some cursed our tribes insistence at developing our tribe over the urge to excessively recruit in the same way DIP would. However until now we have remained strong.

No more.

Today we tear down our banner of Peace and declare war on The North Order.

Now you may ask, what could have forced us to do such a thing?

There are many reasons however the first and foremost is their refusal to simply stop fighting other tribes and simply noble barbs like us. They outright refuse to merge to win with the rest of us, and appear to be determined to only pick on smaller tribes like LoL or N/A.

This behaviour Can Not Stand!

We shall Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war!


Yeah nice, long gone are the days of war declarations on forums in this game, bring it back. And you know you have to change your tribe name now, Innocent In-the-middle-of-its


Love the declaration. However who are you declaring war on really? There are no tribe named the north order


Good, well we'll be ready for you. Will be nice with a WAR on this server for once