TWX-15841 - Relocation provision Bug

Ok something is seriously wrong with relocation, not sure if it happend this or the last patch but when relocating troops the free provisions do not update correctly.

regulary experience:
- relocating troops away does not increase free provisions in origin village (ie. village shows 0 free provision, relocate 100 axes away and still shows 0 free provisions, thus i cant even cancel the relocate)
- relocating troops to a village decreases target villages free provision by random amounts (ie just relocated a solo paladin to a village that had 100 free provisions, it went to 0. another time i relocated 30ma to a village with ~1.3k free provisions it had 300 after)

overall something is horribly wrong with the free provisions on both sides of relocate and reloading the game doesnt fix it.

en22, chrome
one question, did the village this is occurring in have a bountiful harvest? I found a bug i reported via support dealing with a bountiful harvest village.
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I believe this is actually the same bug that happened earlier, I think about one and a half years ago, where the available provisions at farms were not calculated correctly. However, when you relocate troops, the provisions are recalculated and if you had gone over of provisions that you actually had available, it's possible that you won't have free provisions after relocation out of a village. Same update would happen in the target village, if the provisions were wrong they would be updated and show an unexpected number of free provisions.

Related bug reports:
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glad others have noticed it. it's been happening for a few days now. it was even worse on mobile.
lost a few of the packages won from that halloween dart game promotion. for example after using the ram packages in a village with 2000 free provisions. the provisions would suddenly show as 0 but the rams would not be there. like they just vanished.
I see it resets now, finally...but some still got the bug. Hope they do a 'world reset' so it affects all...or restart.