TW2 Problems 11-11-2017

On EN32 .. troops are disappearing, upgrades buildings stuck and market carts lost...

Urgent problem !!??
Same shit over here!

I can't farm, I can't build. -> I can't do anything.
My units have become ghosts. @Ghost Girl, pls take care of them.

One happy family! No working game, no working forum.
I suggest we play on the Dutch server. This one does work.
Hey all - I belive this is corrected and I am currently going through accounts that have sent in tickets to make sure all is working corrrectly. Thank you for your discussion here as well as on the tickets so this could be dealt with as quickly as possible.
Bug has been solved.
Unfortunately 1 minute 2late, thank you TW. Do this again :)

Yes.. Dubble post, i don't care anymore. :oops:
Sorry Mods, I know, not your fault..
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Sorry all... I am uncertain what has been causing this but I assure you that the Game Developers are working on the correction.