Troop Relocation - losing farm spaces in vil

This might be a daft question and i might have missed something but i have noticed that last few times i have relocated the farm spaces in the vil I am relocating from are LESS than the troops I send away - for example if i relocate 100HC from village A to village B then I should lose 600 farm spaces from village A but I only get 543 back - meaning I have less farm spaces in Village A than when i started - which effectively robs me of troops - any ideas? Bug or game feature?
1HC = 6 population, so 100HC = 600 population.
If you relocate 100HC from Village A to Village B, there will be an additional 600 population in Village A from what there was and Village B will have 600 less.

Example: Village A starts out with 200 population. Village B starts out with 1000.
After the relocation, Village A will end up with 800 population and Village B will end up with 400.

If it isn't working out this way for you, put in a ticket in-game and someone will have a look at it.


im having the exact problem, for example, i conquered a village with my noble train, then i went to recruti another noble to replace the one i lost.
i tried, but i only had 95 or so farm spaces, theres definitely something fishy going on.
Think I may have worked it out. When it happens the farm spaces appear later on - or at least the one's that where missing, so i'm not goin to end up with a village with a level 30 farm and nil population but it really could do with being sorted so i'll put a ticket in.
Same thing is happening to me. I sent 200 HC to another villa. Relocation villa loses 1200, but in the villa where I sent them from I only have 1133 previsions to build HC back. So 11 HC plus 1 troop is lost.
Exactly the same - but I have also noticed it' only from villages that I don't normally relocate from - I'll pop a ticket in when this server gets up and running.
When you guys put your tickets in for that, can you please screenshot your reports or favorite them (and only them) as well as mention your from village and to village? Otherwise I have a difficult time verifying the problem. If I can't see what's going on, I can't send it to They Who Can Fix. Thanks guys!