Tribe member limit get smaller?


Is there any plans to make the tribe member limit smaller? I just came back to playing this version of tribal wars after quitting a bit after this version came out due to the tribe member limit. I was hoping that the member limit would have been adjusted by now. I thought that a 50 member limit was really high TW, but a 200 limit just seems like a hug fest!


Casual game= hugging...

I hope they do 30 limit.

there is all this talks about sabotage well 200 people spamming sabo vs one guy they will drop his villages from 10k down to 51 point village in a day or so.

atleast with 30 tribe you got a fighting chance to protect yourself and fight back. and the worlds wont end so quickly there will be lots of MAJOR wars.

I suggest tw2 crew look into tw1 past history.

Athel Asher

Or why not just make a tribe without 200 members?
Obviously to run a successful tribe with small amount of numbers, such as 30, you need highly active and well coordinated people. You can do this without even having a "limit". Or does the 200 limit not allow you to stop hitting the "Invite To Tribe" button? ;p

And btw, since you've never seen a completely dropped village obviously, it's 31 points. My tribe has done this several times on W4 to teach those that doesn't abide by the world law of no sabo.