top10 tribes map/info


Is it drama if i want to steal a tribe to invite a tribe to join said tribe because the tribes lvl 32 while the leader plays his other worlds and wins for once?
Sounds like someone is bitter they've never won a world with under 40 members :p;)


Top 10 tribes:


Tribes 1-5:


Tribes 6-10:



#1: L.P:
Despite the fact that they are at war with most of the major tribes (RNS, TBK, KOR), they're still showing decent growth over the last 10 days:
- Members: -2 - Points: +1,327,702 - BP: +19,250,794
Villas won/lost in the last 10 days:
- vs KOR: +28/-19 - vs TBK: +103/-70 - vs RNS: +59/-22
Overall, L.P seems to be quite stable atm, and unless some of their core members go inactive, I don't see them losing this war. Also out of 34, 9 members are in top 10, 27 in top 100, seems like they only accept the best on this world.

#2: KOR:
They have overtaken TBK for the #2 stop and also seem to continue growing at a decent pace. Above we have seen that they are doing quite well vs L.P. Over the last 10 days:
- Members: +16 -Points: +1,571,203 -BP: +11,875,181
Overall doing quite good, 0 members in top 10, 17 in top 100, not as good as #1 tribe, but still a decent group of players.

#3: TBK:
So far the tribe that is giving L.P the greatest challenge, same as the 2 tribes above, this tribe seems to be growing at a nice pace over the past 10 days:
- Members: -1 - Points: +865,188 -BP: +9,717,505
1 member in top 10, 27 in top 100, this tribe is a serious contender on this world.

#4: RNS:
Once the #1 tribe, lost a lot of members about a week ago, now in the rebuilding process, over the last 10 days:
- Members: -6 - Points: +448,465 BP: +619,757
Honestly, I doubt they will ever be able to recover, especially given their terrible possitioning (all over the map). But they (or at least a few members) are still putting up a good fight vs "L.P".

#5: DLT:
The tribe that is the only ally L.P has in the top 5 tribes, they are also the one growing at the slowest pace of the top 5 over the last 10 days:
- Members: -1 - Points: 381,048 -BP: +1,714,758
Villas taken/lost over the last 10 days:
- vs TBK: +12/-3 - vs KOR: +9/-1
All said and done, they seem to be doing quite good vs TBK and KOR.

That would be all for now, I will write more about the tribes ranked 6-10 if I feel like it :)



1 KOR members-120 villages-2 124 points-13 972 741 bash-73107 624
2 TBK members-57 villages-1 273 points-8 441 269 bash-72 571 324
3 BRO members-23 villages-1 180 points-7 967 968 bash-88 965 194
4 DLT members-29 villages-684 points-4 217 411 bash-26 849 880
5 KLB members-14 villages-554 points-3 818 156 bash-25 555 565