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En58's Top Tribes


The Cult of Cookie [=C=]
Rank: 1
Victory Points: 52
Members: 45
Villages: 130
BP: 781k
OBP: 697k
DBP: 84k

The Tribe that looks to be dominating every part of the core, largely uncontested apart from by BoB in the SW. It remains to be seen if they can keep this up and puff outwards or if they'll end up crumbling under the weight of the outer layers.

The Immortal Elite [IMO]
Rank: 2
Victory Points: 61
Members: 49
Villages: 123
BP: 630k
OBP: 570k
DBP: 60k

A large and seemingly organized tribe that formed a big semi-circle on near eastern side of the map. Lots of room to grow, especially in the NE, but they have possible enemies on all sides so we'll see how they end up in a couple weeks. Also an open question to any IMO member that might see this: Was IME taken?

Forsaken Minotaurs [FMS]
Rank: 3
Victory Points: 52
Members: 52
Villages: 102
BP: 457k
OBP: 172k
DBP: 285k

A tribe that's awkwardly stuck between =C= and IMO in the SE, and their High DBP suggests that they've been taking a significant beating as a result. But they have lots of room to grow in the NW, where a good number of their players have found their home. Should the SE fall, they could choose to restart in the NW. Either way though, tribes that end up with such a low OBP : DBP ratio early on rarely end up doing well.

Bad People [Bad]
Rank: 4
Victory Points: 32
Members: 31
Villages: 64
BP: 353k
OBP: 404k
DBP: 131k

The highest ranked of the 3 top ten tribes all competing for the south-west, Bad seems to have gotten off to a pretty good start. They have by far the highest OBP and OBP : DBP ratio of the three (The others being BoB and ODK), but they don't look to have expanded much yet.

Borovicka old boys [BoB]
Rank: 5
Victory Points: 18
Members: 17
Villages: 42
BP: 343k
OBP: 185k
DBP: 158k

While their name suggest experience, the BoB are stuck between a rock and a hard place that even experienced players would struggle in. Fighting for control of the SW core with =C=, and facing Bad in the rear, BoB are going to have to look for significant outside help if they want to win this fight. Their OBP : DBP ratio suggests that their duel with =C= is definitely not going in their favor.

Left Eye Gang [LEG]
Rank: 6
Victory Points: 30
Members: 30
Villages: 60
BP: 70k
OBP: 31k
DBP: 39k

We're not at the point in the rankings where the tribes here have yet to reach the point where nobles are available, but I though that it might be fun to at least see where tribes 5-10 are positioned. The first of these then are LEG, which are spread along the N to NW. For future growth they'll likely have to contend with the northern parts of IMO, and their western contingent might run into conflict with FMS.

Nowhere [NOW]
Rank: 7
Victory Points: 16
Members: 16
Villages: 34
BP: 141k
OBP: 62k
DBP: 79k

Stuck in a similar position to BoB, but much weaker overall. NOW seems to be living up to their name, because it looks like they're going nowhere, fast. But perhaps they will surprise me.

Order of Dragon Knights [ODK]
Rank: 8
Victory Points: 24
Members: 24
Villages: 48
BP: 78k
OBP: 39k
DBP: 39k

The last of the 3 competitors in the SW, and the ones we have seen the least of. Their inner members seem to have taken a slight beating by Bad, but that was to be expected considering their outnumbered nature. there are large places to the SSE that this tribe could easily expand to in the future, so we'll have to wait and see if they can give Bad a run for their money or not.

High Plains Drifters [HPD]
Rank: 9
Victory Points: 17
Members: 17
Villages: 36
BP: 148k
OBP: 117k
DBP: 31k

A good OBP : DBP ratio and a strong position in the NW, which no other tribe is fully committed to. If they continue on this path they might kick out FMS and ROM and grow into a strong player in the area.

King Arthur's Court [KAC]
Rank: 10
Victory Points: 40
Members: 40
Villages: 66
BP: 111k
OBP: 35k
DBP: 76k

Apparently having fled world 57 after their collapse, KAC is trying their luck here. Unfortunately, it's already not looking too great for them. 14 of their members don't have second vills yet/anymore, and they are spread all over the map apart from the NW. Still though, they have a semi-large cluster in the SE and being on the rim might yet bring good fortune to them.

Special mentions:

In The Shadows (ITS)
: The rank 11 tribe with a good OBP : DBP ratio and players in the high 20s, spread out on the far east of the map and so far have very little competition in that area apart from perhaps KAC

Romans (ROS): A tribe with 20 members all clustered into mostly a single province in the North. Setups like these always make me wonder if multi-accounting is involved, but that would be making assumptions - we'd have to wait and see if their achievement times start lining up suspiciously.

There's not be much to say for most of the tribes as it's very early days yet. Still, I decided to post this anyway because I was was in the mood and it'll serve as a good reference point for how things will have developed in the future.

Again, thanks to huskazor93 for the formatting.
Awesome post. There are a few inaccuracies since diplomacy between tribes was not considered, but a great overview of the world.

Also, ROS is definitely a botter multi-account tribe, same as what happened in en56. This time they seem to be funneling most resources into one account however.
Awesome post. There are a few inaccuracies since diplomacy between tribes was not considered, but a great overview of the world.

Also, ROS is definitely a botter multi-account tribe, same as what happened in en56. This time they seem to be funneling most resources into one account however.

Thanks! Do you think tribes would be willing to share their diplomacy if I asked? It would be a cool thing to add to the post, but I had assumed people would want to keep their cards as close to their chests as possible. If it helps, I'm not playing on the world at all, nor do I ever plan to. It definitely would give these comparisons more depth if I knew of at least the diplo tribe leaders don't mind announcing/ is an open secret.
I'm not from immortal, but their tag is IMO short for IMmOrtal. As IME wouldn't make sense as they are called The Immortal Elite, it would've been TIE. My guess anyways. Also, great stuff on the insight.
Agreed with what cookie has said.. a few inaccuracies on the diplomacy front but it was a good run down!

I hope you make more of these in the future!

P.S IMO is short for Immortal.. I felt like it had a better ring to it :)
Current Standings
En58's Top Tribes


The Cult of Cookie [=C=] Current StatsChange Since last week
Points (Thousands):452203
Victory Points:6917
BP (Thousands):1643862

Continuing with some solid expansion in the SE and the NW against LEG, IMO and the now dead tribe of Nowhere, Cookies remains the leading tribe in this world. That said, they have gained quite a bit of DBP recently, suggesting the possibility that their border with IMO heated. In addition, my comments about =C= and BoB last time seem to be largely incorrect, as they look to be cohabiting relatively peacefully with them in the SW.

The Immortal Elite [IMO] Current StatsChange Since last week
Points (Thousands):389179
Victory Points:7817
BP (Thousands):1183553

Next up are IMO, who have doubled both their OBP and their points in this last week as their inner players gained access to nobles. They have also taken a big chunk out of LEG and swallowed up the other half of Nowhere. These next 2-3 weeks will be a crucial indicator to see if they can continue their massive growth and properly fend off the threats around them. It they can do both of these things, then they might yet have nearly all of the eastern half of the map to themselves. (I agree IMO does sound nicer than TIE).

Borovicka old boys [BoB] Current StatsChange Since last week
Points (Thousands):16578
Victory Points:257
BP (Thousands):989646

BoB's situation has done significantly more than just stabilize, they've spent this last week booming at a comparative rate to =C= and IMO - considering their smaller numbers. Especially promising is their OBP to DBP ratio. Combining this with the signs of Bad having a bad time this last week it's safe to say that BoB has been kicking them around and then some. Indeed, looking at the changes in the map, most of their new vills look to have once been Bad's.

Bad People [Bad] Current StatsChange Since last week
Points (Thousands):14554
Victory Points:408
BP (Thousands):1520985

Bad have had a rough time of it the last 7 days, loosing significant ground to BoB near the core. To make up for it, they have snatched up a couple of players from the now defunct ODK. It's early days yet and with Gwen rolling into this world there's still a lot that can happen, but this last week has definitely seen Bad on the back foot.

King Arthur's Court [KAC] Current StatsChange Since last week
Points (Thousands):12480
Victory Points:6525
BP (Thousands):235124

Technically having had the largest % growth out of any of the top tribes this week, KAC continues to stream into this world. They're spread out all over the NE, SE and the SW. The sharp rise in DBP isn't too promising however, but it is too early to count them out just yet. When it comes to Gwen nobles, numbers matter.

Forsaken Minotaurs [FMS]Current StatsChange Since last week
Points (Thousands):12210
Victory Points:586
BP (Thousands):888431

Oof. The Forsaken Minotaurs have had an incredibly rough time recently. Don't let the lack of - changes fool you, FMS has spent this last week loosing a lot of ground, especially to HPD. A large number of their players have now restarted in the NE, hoping that the 3rd quadrant they have called their home will bring the kind of fortune the first two didn't. Unfortunately for FMS this seems unlikely.

High Plains Drifters [HPD]Current StatsChange Since last week
Points (Thousands):9850
Victory Points:15-2
BP (Thousands):588440

On a more positive note, HPD continues to dominate the north western rim, taking out several FMS players. However, while they have a lot of room to grow outwards to the rim, they do now border both =C= and IMO. Time will tell if HPD can continue to do well even in the face of competent opposition, or if they end up being cannon fodder for tribes significantly larger and stronger than them.

In The Shadows (ITS): Current Stats
Points (Thousands):77
Victory Points:27
BP (Thousands):144

A new comer to the list proper, but one I have mentioned in brief before, ITS continues to comfortably grow in the far east portion of the map. Going up from rank 11 to rank 8, they have just started to gain access to nobles, beginning with nobling a couple FMS villages. As time progresses they will find themselves in IMO's way when it comes to eastern expansion, we will see if they can handle that kind of pressure. Until then though, they have targets-a-plenty if they continue to go along the rim, with a large amount of KAC, FMS and even perhaps LEG villages to strengthen themselves on.

Left Eye Gang [LEG] Current StatsChange Since last week
Points (Thousands):6912
Victory Points:25-5
BP (Thousands):13060

The last tribe on our list today is one that would surprise me if it made the cut-off for next week's roundup. LEG has spent a lot of time giving all the tribes around them a leg up on their competition. Their BP would likely be a lot higher, but =C= and IMO especially seems to have killed a couple of their players outright. LEG's days seems numbered already, but perhaps some of their players may yet surprise us.

And that is it for this week, I've tried to make the formatting as consistent as possible, trying to get these tables organized pleasingly is a lot like herding cats.. Hopefully my analysis of the diplomacy side of things is more accurate this time around. I made a lot of assumptions last time that I have now hopefully avoided for the most part. Now that I have a previous map to compare to, these mistakes should be less frequent.
I really enjoyed reading this.
Thank you for all the time and effort you put into these!

Id say most of this is absolutely bang on! but a couple of inaccuracy's on the diplomacy front.. obviously tribes like to stay tight lipped in regards to that.

Current Standings
En58's Top Tribes


The Cult of Cookie [=C=] Stats As Of 21/10/2020Change Since Last Week
Points (Thousands):753301
Victory Points:9324
BP (Thousands):2641998

Cookie continue to expand at faster rate than any other tribe in the game, even leapfrogging over BoB to bash some KAC players in the south. In the NW they mopped up a large amount of FMS and Bad vills, with them not fully butting up against HPD in this area. They also seem to have taken a vill from IMO in the north, but IMO lost several vills there and not all of them went to Cookie so that could just be a player leaving. Still though, things are clearly heating up along Cookies borders considering their rise in DBP.

The Immortal Elite [IMO] Stats As Of 21/10/2020Change Since Last Week
Points (Thousands):623234
Victory Points:10426
BP (Thousands):22421059

Dropping a couple members hasn't at all stopped IMO from expanding rapidly in the NE, SE and even a little in the SW. Minor conflicts seem to be popping up all along their territory, with ITS growing to their direct east and HPD/Cookie competing for space in the South/North. IMO has a lot of competent competitors surrounding them, we'll see in the following month if they're up to the task of either taking them all on, or diplomatising their way into a divide and conquer situation.

Borovicka old boys [BoB] Stats As Of 21/10/2020Change Since Last Week
Points (Thousands):271106
Victory Points:349
BP (Thousands):1380391

BoB has seen decent growth this last week, although it's not as high as the other top 4. Most of the vills they have taken either from Bad or from other players within their own provinces, making BoB an extremely consolidated tribe compared to their friends in =C=. They look to have mostly shrugged off all of the pressure they were in a couple of weeks ago, but now they need to see to ramping up their expansion if they want to compete with their more numerous competitors in the long run.

High Plains Drifters [HPD]Stats As Of 21/10/2020Change Since Last Week
Points (Thousands):245147
Victory Points:3520
BP (Thousands):1305717

With more than double their previous vills, OBP and points, HPD has done some major bulking up. They've sprawled out into the NW, especially the NNW, and look to be progressing nicely in taking out what was left of FMS and Bad in that area. They now hold a border with both IMO and =C=, but have lots of room to grow in the NW if they yet don't want to seek any conflict with either of them.

King Arthur's Court [KAC] Stats As Of 21/10/2020Change Since Last Week
Points (Thousands):21389
Victory Points:8520
BP (Thousands):602367

KAC has seen some pretty OK growth despite losing ground to cookie, with them taking a lot of vills in their isolated provinces on the rim. Things are certainly going better for them here than they did on E57, and they have a fairly large concentration of growing players in the SE. That being said, they grow in DBP almost as much as they did in OBP. This, among other signs, makes me thing that the gap between them and the rest of the top 5 is a bit larger than the simple point difference would suggest.

Bad People [Bad] Stats As Of 21/10/2020Change Since Last Week
Points (Thousands):17126
Victory Points:34-6
BP (Thousands):1410-110

Bad is currently getting recked by =C=, BoB and HPD. They're haemorrhaging active players and ranks on the ladder. While some of the players on the SW rim have managed to expand pretty decently, it seems like this tribe is definitely on the out.

In The Shadows (ITS): Stats As Of 21/10/2020Change Since Last Week
Points (Thousands):13356
Victory Points:369
BP (Thousands):452308

While it looks like a player from this tribe swapped over to FMS of all people, ITS has mostly spent this last week steadily and quietly building up. They have gotten solidly active in kicking out other browns in their region if their OBP is anything to go by, hopefully setting themselves up for a large amount of growth in the following week. With FMS falling apart, their path of least resistance might be some quick expansion north. It's definitely in ITS's interest to grow up as big and strong as they can before their border with KAC but especially their border with IMO heats up.

Forsaken Minotaurs [FMS]Stats As Of 21/10/2020Change Since Last Week
Points (Thousands):1253
Victory Points:46-12
BP (Thousands):94355

FMS has spent this last week being everyone's favourite place to pick up a couple decently built up vills. You name a quadrant on the map, and FMS will have lost vills there in the past week. The most active of their membership has left them and much like with LEG the other week I'd be quite surprised if they made the cut-off for next week's list.

THat's me doen for this week. Hopefully the rise in DBP all around isn't too much a result off of the recent bug, this world is new enough for it to likely not have affected too many people at least when compared to worlds like e56.
i give a forward
the top 2 tribes merged with the most actives of the world
then they recruit all actives in other tribes , it's a oldscool R2W
game over