Top ten tribes

Haha, something like that, not like you haven't done the same quite a bit of times, guts.

And I wasn't planning to quit, but I and few oters from my tribe got banned for using the bot, they didn't even have any concrete proof, the bans were solely based on the number of reports Grrr submitted...

And I played as Kim Hajin on this world.
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ive seen it happen a lot over the years, mods try to crack down on something then become overzealous in their bans for it.

i haven't been on a world since about october last year. just can't find the motivation to play, en38 really put me off the game
Innogame should do something for justice ?

or fix BOT ... BEFORE BOT WILL KILLED RAGNAROK Game. Maybe this time TW2 will dead ?

Kim kick all member in T.P out already ... so drama
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What I dont understand is why Apex.Predator didnt just kick everyone and then invite Grr to the tribe? All that money wasted. Well done Grr for winning the war by sending 4 trains on him.
You really think i went to grr because they sended some noble trains on me lol ? i left because half the tribe was using bots to auto snipe and auto farm
Now that Aka have officially declared on us i can finally say LOL you guys are pathetic. 135 players in Aka, 61 in the cheaters RED and you 2 decide to hug it out and war the 23 of us in Grr. I guess being the weakest tribe of the 3 this IS your only way to win the world
I mean i dont really mind that they ganged up. and aka has been warring us for the past weeks already, just not "officially". That is part of the game. It is slightly uneven given its 9 million points to 2 million points but that's not a problem, just part of the game.

The real problem is atleast one of the tribe's leaders think a merge will happen after. So if that is true this is a dumb war and world since it basically was decided before most people hit 200k points. If they were to fight each other after that would be something else, but atleast AKA thinks a merge is going to happen. Personally, I just think RED will attack them after killing Grr, their only other threat.
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