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what's the village per province count like these days? i made the thread and sorta went off on a tangent at the start. i've done science for too long and i'm stuck in the "lay out the problem(s) then suggest the solution" mindset, lol.

This world also looks like it has less spite than other worlds, unless it's all contained within the world rather than on the forum.
lol, my top10 thread took about 3 weeks to devolve, and even then it was only one person upset cos their tribe couldnt mark me in-game. But we are still off-topic for this thread.
I think HLL is the tribe to watch. Having been sent to the rim by them, I'm impressed with the way they set their targets and then cooperate to meet them. I think I had as many as five HLL players coordinating attacks to take each of my villages.
Note that they also moved from their single province, which they dominated, into a province they seem to peacefully share with T.P.. They then moved mush less peacefully into a province dominated by DTR and PAT and proceeded to take over every major village.
Now they're working on their fourth province, and I suspect this province will play out much the same, rimming some PAT leadership.
Certainly they're too small to dominate the world, but they will be the tribe the winning tribe wants to merge with.
Not sure how you link previous messages but to answer this one ......Anyone from TP care to comment on the drama unfolding in your tribe....

The previous founder of TP didnt like the fact his own tribe were cheating( breaking INNO rules ), so he booted everyone to screw them over......
Not sure how you link previous messages but to answer this one ......Anyone from TP care to comment on the drama unfolding in your tribe....

The previous founder of TP didnt like the fact his own tribe were cheating( breaking INNO rules ), so he booted everyone to screw them over......
I think the guy just raged.
Issue #4.

I am sorry my post is late, I was busy on the weekend. Enjoy!

#1(-): THE PLAGUE - 39 (-1) members | 342 (+103) villages | 32,000 (+14,400) points/member | 8,557,500 (+4,278,000) BP - 219,400 (+112,400) BP/member [186,900 (+97,500) OBP, 32,600 (+15,000) DBP/member] | Tribe level: 43 (+30) | Victory points: 86 (+22)
Still at a low 39 members (#5), still #1 in: points, villages, points/member, OBP, total BP, BP/member (incredible 220,000) , most notable point is their tribe level which has jumped by 30 since the last update and sits at level 43 now. I think it is safe to say that they have taken the control of the core, if there was still any doubt last time around. Back to 6 spots in the top 10, as well as 8 of the top 10 bashers once again. 100 villages conquered this past 10 days, which means that even this week, most of their growth came from conquests. Unlike last week where they only lost 2 villages, this time that number has climbed up to 13, and AKA is the main culprit. They are doing fine versus the other tribes that they are fighting against. The massive war with AKA seems to have started for real as the bash points of both tribes have jumped up tremendously, will be exciting to see how this goes.
Conquers (last 10 days): Total [+100|-13] AKA [+11|-8] PAT [+9|-2] OGT [+14|-2] SOS [+9|-0]

#2(+1): Incognito - 64 (+3) members | 247 (+65) villages | 10,100 (+3,800) points/member | 5,273,800 (+3,031,400) BP - 82,400 (+45,600) BP/member [43,000 (+19,000) OBP, 39,300 (+26,500) DBP/member] | Tribe level: 19 (+3) | Victory points: 91 (+19)
AKA has now climbed up to the #2 spot. #2 in members, points. #3 in villages, #4 in points per member. Their bash points have experienced a massive jump, and now they are only second to T.P in total and O bash, and by far the leader in D bash. Even in the BP/member department, they are in the very top (#2 total, #4 O, #1 D). They have now lost the title of the tribe with the highest level, but still hold the #2 spot. They have lost their spots in top 10 players, but have gained another spot in top 10 bashers, and hold 2 spots now. 65 new villages this week, with a decent amount coming from conquers. Last week they lost 8 villages to T.P, this time it was 11, but they also took 8 in return which is a positive turn. They seem to be primarily focused on defense, with occasional counter attacks against T.P. The only concern is that they seem to be under attack from Grr as well, but Grr should be far enough not to cause any major concerns for AKA.
Conquers (last 10 days): Total [+59|-23] T.P [+8|-11] HLL [+1|-0] Grr [+0|-2] C-P [+0|-2] OGT [+1|-2]

#3 (+1): Original Game Of Thrones - 93 (+29) members | 289 (+118) villages | 6,800 (+2,000) points/member | 2,786,500 (+1,939,500) BP - 30,000 (+16,700) BP/member [17,700 (+9,700) OBP, 12,200 (+7,000) DBP/member] | Tribe level: 18 (+3) | Victory points: 132 (+55)
PGT has surprised us once again, not only did they not lose momentum, they even gained more. #1 in members, #2 in villages, #3 in points. #4 in total bash (#3 OBP, #4 DBP). Not doing great in the per member comparison, but not doing too badly either (ranked from seventh to ninth). They still have a strong hold of the northern part of the map, where they seem to be doing fairly well. Their tribe level is also #3. They seem to be fighting T.P, Grr, KSJ and HLL, and sadly they don't seem to be doing too well, only gaining villages from KSJ. They also took 2 villages from AKA and lost one, there might be some friction between those two tribes. They still managed to grow for an entire 118 villages, which is a huge number, they also managed to conquer 67 villages. Only concern are those losing wars and the 34 villages lost.
Conquers (last 10 days): Total [+67|-34] T.P [+2|-14] Grr [+0|-5] KSJ [+3|-0] HLL [+0|-2] AKA [+2|-1]

#4 (-2): Patriots - 62 (-5) members | 206 (+15) villages | 8,600 (+2,300) points/member | 2,847,000 (+1,200,000 BP) - 46,000 (+21,400) BP/member [22,000 (+10,000) OBP, 23,800 (+11,200) DBP/member] | Tribe level: 16 (+2) | Victory points: 84 (-)
They have gone done 2 positions this week, and are not the largest tribe anymore, losing the title to OGT. Sadly, PAT seems to be quietly going down (unlike DTR, which went down in a flash). Their enemies have piled up and are slowly but surely biting at this wounded beast. Their only salvation could be in the southwest and the west where they control a nice area, and it might be possible for them to fall back there and regroup, as long as they hold the line versus T.P and Grr. I think their core squad is as good as lost, with enemies on all sides (T.P, HLL, Grr).
Conquers (last 7 days): Total [+51|-34] Grr [+0|-4] T.P [+2|-9] C-P [+0|-3] HLL [+0|-9]

#5 (+1): Menacing Name - 26 (+9) members | 169 (+101) villages | 19,600 (+10,200) points/member | 1,595,000 (+954,000) BP - 61,500 (+23,700) BP/member [53,500 (+21,200) OBP, 8,000 (+2,500) DBP/member] | Tribe level: 14 (+7) | Victory points: 44 (+25)
Definitely a tribe to watch out for, they have improved drastically over the past 10 days. They have gained one spot, 9 new members, 101 new villages (which is huge). When it comes to total numbers, they are around the fifth spot in almost all aspects, however, when it comes to per member numbers, they again hold either the #2 or #3 spot, which they compete with AKA for. Grr has pretty much taken a strong hold of the southern part of the map, attacking all top 10 tribes that they encounter in that area, and with perfect success so far. In the last 10 days they have taken 55 villages and lost none, so they either just haven't faced any of the top competition or are just that good, time will show.
Conquers (last 10 days): Total [+55|-0] SOS [+2|-0] KSJ [+5|-0] PAT [+4|-0] AKA [+2|-0] OGT [+5|-0]

#6 (-1): Stronghold of Strength - 33 (-16) members | 99 (-43) villages | 7,300 (+1,600) points/member | 1,003,000 (+270,000) BP - 30,500 (+15,500) BP/member [18,000 (+7,500) OBP, 12,400 (+8,000) DBP/member] | Tribe level: 9 (-) | Victory points: 39 (-19)
Another tribe that is having a really hard time, just like PAT. They have lost 16 members and 43 villages, their conquers taken to lost ration doesn't look great either. A few of the top tribes seem to be picking at them as well, it may be too late for them to bounce back, but we shall see.
Conquers (last 10 days): Total [+20|-14] T.P [+0|-9] Grr [+0|-2] C-P [+0|-2]

#7 (-): Hell - 16 (-) members | 71 (+14) villages | 14,000 (+5,300) points/member | 965,000 (+418,000) BP - 60,300 (+26,100) BP/member [52,800 (+24,800) OBP, 7,500 (+1,300) DBP/member] | Tribe level: 5 (+1) | Victory points: 32 (+7)
No changes in the roster, 14 new villages, they are growing at a constant and decent pace, nothing too special. They seem to be content with the 16 people they have as they are not adding any new members nor are they merging with anyone. So far they mainly seem to be going after PAT, and their huge OBP/ member indicates that they are, along with Grr, on of the main reasons PAT's core squad is falling apart. I think whichever tribe acquires this hit squad will have gained a tactical advantage over their enemies, but who knows, maybe Hell plans to remain independent.
Conquers (last 10 days): Total [+16|-1] PAT [+9|-0] AKA [+0|-1] OGT [+2|-0]

#8: United Red Rose - 24 members | 52 villages | 8,000 points/member | 445,000 BP - 18,500 BP/member [8,000 OBP, 10,500 DBP/member] | Tribe level: 5 | Victory points: 32
A new member of the top 10, seem to be a very decent tribe at first glance, maybe even a premade. Positioned in the eastern part of the world where they hold a nice solid area. They mainly seem to be focused on defense, with their OBP not lagging much behind either. Their tribe level is still quite low, but that can be changed over night (T.P is the prime example). I think this tribe has a lot of potential, but let's see, only time can show us their true worth.
Conquers (last 10 days): Total [+6|-3]

#9 (-1): Chameleon Troupe - 18 (+2) members | 56 (+7) villages | 9,000 (+700) points/member | 438,000 (+3,000) BP - 24,200 (-3,000) BP/member [16,000 (-8,000) OBP, 8,300 (-5,300) DBP/member] | Tribe level: 8 (+5) | Victory points: 20 (+2)
A big surprise happening in this tribe, where their leader seems to have left them for T.P, and it doesn't look like a merge either, as other members have stayed in C-P. Other than that, they seem to be doing fine, albeit a bit stagnated, but if it means that they look this stable even after their leader has left them (who by the way was a top 10 player), then I only have one word for it - impressive. They also seem to be quite aggressive when it comes to wars, attacking 3 of the top 10 with a decent amount of success, will see how they advance in the future without their best player.
Conquers (last 10 days): Total [+20|-1] PAT [+3|-0] AKA [+2|-0] SOS [+2|-0]

#10: The Knights of Saint John - 48 members | 97 villages | 2,700 points/member | 370,000 BP - 7,700 BP/member [3,400 OBP, 4,300 DBP/member] | Tribe level: 11 | Victory points: 49
Another new member in the top 10, unlike URR, this tribe doesn't look that promising, with their members being all over the place, mostly on the rim. Already 27 villages lost, either to other big tribes or due to restarts, doesn't make the picture any better either. I think they might not stay in the top 10 for long, but who knows, we shall see. One thing of note is their tribe level, which sits at 11, so they are prudent with their donations at least.
Conquers (last 10 days): Total [+5|-27] Grr [+0|-5] OGT [+0|-3]

looking at your map, i think T.P are well place for this war with AKA. Wherever the two tribes border each other, T.P seem to have 2-3 provinces bordering 1 AKA province. AKA will struggle to progress seeing as T.Ps local superiority.
In my Opinion the defense focus you have surmised would be a mistake. Defense is the weaker way to go in the first place, lose a couple wall levels and you start losing D faster than the attackers lose O, and being locally outnumbered there will be far more offense going against them than they have defense. They need to go offensive and put T.P on the back foot, due to the local superiority T.P have more villages to defend at once so their defense is likely to do even less damage, if they can be put on the back foot, AKA has a chance, if T.P keep the initiative, AKA will lose. That is my personal prediction. Of course this has no basis on skill level of the players involved, as I dont know who the players are, just a strategic overview assuming equal skill on both sides.
I will not update this list anymore, since I have stopped playing TW2 for good.

If someone else wishes to continue, feel free to, I don't really care.