Top 9 Thread


I like how talking about scripts and throwing dirt gets threads removed, but ban evading is 100% okay even if the person admitted it twice

also lol @ svb for crowning walls to 20 on a lost world..
also you can go to ranking in the game, click the "details" button, and it will tell you the villages of each tribe, add up the top 10, then divide your tribes village by the number from earlier. takes 20seconds.
I saw them faithless nukes, they werent from my group :)
Like you said, close village count. To think 80% is going to happen any time soon and the world is lost is a bit extreme
aha! i raised a support ticket for that the other day, they thought it was me. is the warning page saying the url "" (noone go there please) - i was being redirected there.
i ran three different scans to find anything wrong with my computer (avast found nothing, malwarebytes found some unwanted software, nothing too bad though, and spybot found about 27 issues i think) and I am no longer having the issue.
it was this thread and the top 10 thread thats also active at the moment, and only the most recent page, the earlier pages had no issue.
I dont think being a spy or even needing a spy to win a world is anything to brag about, surely some of AAA must not be a fan of underhand tactics being used :) Takes a shine off some of the decent players imo.