Top 5 map (Players & Tribes) - weekly updates

I love how an inactive tribe manages to get into the top5. Is there even one member left in R&R active?

top 5 players of the world
1st place = Electra
2nd place = chahyunun
3rd place = ostringal86
4th place = snsdjhp
5th place = gosy
I guess I'm sort of a tw2 junkie, so I was looking at stats on each world, kind of curious as to why the #1 player in the world left Big Fish to join Outlander


Probably an emo phase or something, an obsession with a "me against the world" situation. Looks like they're just going after inactives anyway on tw2stats
Outlander is a treehugging tribe, but the founder was electras tribe leader in en1 so she joined him (some say she didnt like the lack of respect for her within big, few were sad to see her go) since then they have only taken barbs, and a few of titan strikeforce inactives (with their permission from what i can tell).
A gif of conquers since 26 October. Not that this does not take into account players changing tribes. (too much work to reverse engineer the stats from my tool. Might do so at some stage, but not now.
Each frame is 1 day, conquers get highlighted for 5 days.
Unfortunately the blue isnt as eycatching as the red or brown, so BIG appears to be doing less well than it is.
After making a deal of Jaehun's maps being dynamic, it appears I did the same.

Main changes from last update is that Electra has been kicked out of the top 5, and chahyunun has dropped to #5. Reyyan has jumped from not being mentioned to #2.
So big now has the top 4 spots (only took this long because we were NAPd with electra, though no-one has yet attacked her to make her drop, as they have been focussing more on chah) and 7 of the top 10.
Of the top 5 tribes, wars seem to be BIG v. TSF, BIG v. -T-, and LFH v. TSF. both -T- and eh? seem to be attacking TSF inactives, but I havent heard of an actual fight between active players. LFH have often been working with BIG in unofficial personal Alliance's to take out TSF. BIG has been attacking eh? from time to time, but havent bothered much as they are not really a threat even now.
General tribe personalities (other tribes feel free to correct me, as some of these are harsh)

TSF: For the most part Cowards. They have their heros who are really good (of which they are down to one), but the vast majority are hiding behind those heros, and trying to defect when they get attacked, if they dont outright quit.

BIG: Warrior tribe (noone can deny this, we came from half TSFs size to where we are now through solid fighting). Im sure some would call us "Arrogant", but to be fair, we have earnt our position through blood sweat and tears, and we took the small guys on board to help us do it (search the tribe 'Vengeance' in tw2stats. We took them on and trained them up, not all their players stuck around, but most of those that did are rampaging through TSF and -T-, also look at the personal alliances with LFH), and left the big guys out to dry when they tried to defect, So i personally see no validity in the claim.

eh?: Barb munchers. Havent heard of them attacking an active player since they were formed.

-T-: Hippies. they regularly complain about being attacked, their ex-leader even once circular'd BIG to tell us all how dishonourable our leader at the time was for not telling our members to let Transcendants play by themselves effectively playing Sim City (while at the same time they were sneaking inactives on the rim off us, thus why we were attacking them). And their biggest player insulted our player for attacking him for sniping several of their conquers theyd already cleared and started nobling, our player was obviously not a player of their word because they only said that there would be trouble if the -T- player took more barbs, didnt say anything about there being problems if the -T- player took villages our player had spent troops clearing (inactive TSF vills).

LFH: This is a strange one, made up of smaller active players mostly ex-TSF, some abandoned that sinking ship a long time ago, some recently. But despite their size they seem to be the best of TSF (after Chah). So some say they are refugees, some say they are the smart players. I havent made up my mind yet, as i have had no direct dealings with them.
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