Top 5 map (Players & Tribes) - weekly updates

lol, what happened to Luc6 and Alessandro? Seems all your players are getting bored and dropping off. It's pretty much turning into clean up and not much else for us


If some lovely BIG member would like to continue posting this map of the top tribes + players i'd appreciate it :D



Top 5 Tribes

1. Big Fish - Yellow
2. Titan Strike Force - Purple
3. United Task Force - Blue
4. Dragonheart - Green
5. Transcendants - Red

Top 5 Players

1. Tokanawa - Green [No Tribe]
2. Electra - Blue - Big Fish
3. Chahyunun - Red - Titan Strike Force
4. Gosy - White - Big Fish
5. Bader - Yellow - Titan Strike Force
Yea that came out a few updates ago, but they are doing it in batches untill they get rid of the current backlog, then its 30days and your out of here (or 14 days if youve never logged in after creating the account). Obviously they are starting with the oldest and working their way out, giving the core players a slight advantage, but as most of them are inactive its not too big a deal.