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Lets get this thread back on track and I'll give my view on the top 10.

Below you can see the top 10 tribes marked on a map. Below that there's some info on each tribe. I don't know most of the tribes, so some of it is based on stats and other info I could gather.


1. Armoured Carriers
They have a tight area, mostly because of all the recruitment going on, so some quality control might be needed and a few players are already showing their inactive tendencies. They're not made of complete newbies though, with a few people in their ranks with pretty decent bash points. I do wonder what the players on the edges can do in all this... Noble some tasty barbs? They'll most likely stay on number 1 for a while, but can they keep it or will W1N1 regain the power?

2. W1N1
To be honest, this wasn't my ideal choice from the beginning and I have been on the opposition for a long time, people around me went inactive and in the end I decided to give it a try. I have not been dissapointed so far and the dedication here is so much better than the other tribes I have been in/had the chance to join. Some quality control could be used here as well, but I suppose no tribe on this list will be able to get around that. The core has been held for quite some time and I doubt that'll change for a while.

3. Unity
New tribe as far as I know, formed of some other tribes in the southwest. Like !AC, they have a big interest in recruiting everyone in their proximity, question is how many decent players they got in that large haul. To me they have the same issues as with !AC - Where do the people on the edges go and will they be able to move to the top? How will they benefit from being in an alliance with !AC?

4. Legacy
The southeastern tribe. So far I have rimmed one and removed another ones presence nearby. They didn't put up much of a fight, question is if the rest of the tribe can put up a fight or if they're just turtling in the corner waiting for the inevitable to happen. A funny point to make about Legacy though is their points/bash points ratio is better than both Unity and !AC. So even though they're sitting comfortably in the southeastern corner, they hit like a truck.

5. On Deadly Grounds
These guys has been around for a while and it shows in their ranks by having a lot of inactive players (sure the other tribes might have been around just as long, they might just be faster at nobling out or cleaning up the inactives). They don't have that many actives left, since 1/4th of the tribe is inactive. The tribe most likely won't stay around for much longer unless they start recruiting some new blood and clean up the old. Like LGY they also have a better points/offensive bash point ratio than Unity and !AC, by a smaller margin though.

6. WowSuchTeamwork
A smaller focused tribe to the northeast, with a few inactivity problems. This tribe is the one in the top 6 with the worst points/offensive bash points ratio, so lets hope they have something else to offer else they may be an easy target to pick at (or just to stay away from, focusing on something else). They don't really have any higher ranked players, with the highest being rank 41 and it doesn't seem like their top 30 is under any heavy fire currently.

7. STA Platoon
Another smaller focused tribe similar to the tribe mentioned above, these being in the southeast. Their offensive bash points is a little bit better looking than rank 6's, but it's nothing to brag about either. They have taken quite a beating though being on rank 3 in defensive bash points. Question is how long they can stay around and take hits.

8. Halbardier
Like the above two this tribe also has fewer members (beneath 100 - 70 atm). They seem to have a lot of issues with inactivity, with nearly the half of the tribe being inactive or only playing once in a while. They're located northeast, behind ODG, so they could join up and form a new tribe in the long run, with the actives from both sides. Besides that I doubt we'll hear much about their road to victory in the following weeks.

9. Forlorn Masses Lamenting
More focused than all the other tribes so far with a member count of 26. They're sitting on the shoulders of !AC. Maybe they didn't want to join up with !AC or !AC didn't want them in. They seem to share borders, so maybe some of !AC's members on the edges are fighting them. They have a few inactivity issues, but nothing major. A few of their players have lost a good chunk of points lately.

10. Revival
Another tribe with higher points/offensive bash points ratio than two top tribes mentioned earlier. They're a smaller tribe though and will most likely not matter that much of the whole picture. 1/4th of their members seems to be inactive making their active member count even less. They're a mix of players from a good lot of different tribes. Currently they occupy some of the middle area of the map.
Nice assessment cattez i agree on most counts...Yea i think everyone has internals that need done heh just some more then others ;)


As far as Unity goes, you are right and also wrong. We are a merged tribe of SGD, KNG, and CPS. Since then we have recruited very few players. And as far as I know, those players come to us asking to join.

Unity was made after CPS/KNG were warring SGD and we all kinda realized other tribes were starting to invade our area since we were so splintered and preoccupied with each other... So we decided to merge and protect our area. Inactives and what not were dropped from the tribes and were/are being eaten. So while we do indeed have some smaller players compared to a tribe like w1n, its not that we mass recruit now, its just we agreed not to kick out all the small players that we previously had in tribe.

As far as how many quality players we have? That honestly can only be told for w1n, ac, unity and every tribe as soon as a real war starts. So far we havent seen any huge world wars (atleast not made public on the forums). Plus funny enough, killing each other initially actually got quite a few growing pains out. Some of us have played tw1 quite a bit and already knew what we were doing. Others are new to Tribalwars and learned quickly from the rookie mistakes that come out during peoples first wars in TW. So we were able to correct much of that.

As far as where do all the people in the tribe move? Thats easy. First we had our own inactives, so players like myself who used to be on a front line (and now stuck in the middle of the new tribe) were able to relocate or are in the process of doing so. Second other tribes have inactives/bad players as well, which we obviously will take advantage of.


I was the old leader of Legacy/Stardust Legacy which was formed I believe since maybe a week after the server was up could be wrong as it's been a long time.
The bashpoints and reason it is still there is from the tenacity of it's original members, We had maybe 3 NAP's one with COT from the beginning another with d.k. and I can't remember the third.

The tribe was at war with almost everybody near it, we took the term "War Game" to heart if someone stepped on our toes we took them out, and 95% of the time it was tribes who dwarfed us by a lot.
We had some bumps in the road most of the weakness the tribe has now is from new members not the original war tribe members, though the new members are learning from what I'm told.
The tribe merged a lesser tribe into it because it was either that or go to war with them and it was deemed to much work to bother going to war with them at the time though some of it's members were good most were a burden at the time, not sure how they stand now though haha.

Shortly after this fact I got in a car accident and was hospitalized for a week, and a member of the council who was already having arguments and starting trouble got it in his head to kick out the whole tribe, and despite this fact the loyal hard working members quickly mobilized everyone and recreated the tribe as Legacy (LGY) and after that a lot happened with ODG I believe and the CES battle continued and so on and so forth.

But I noticed a lot of people acting like the tribe came from nowhere and I guess it did in a way but it was always there just kicking ass in it's SouthEast corner and taking out those who came near it, It came from nowhere when it was destroyed from the inside and reformed but we weren't noticed a lot because we always had low member count we didn't recruit based on points we recruited based on activity and eagerness for war with an equal eagerness for learning, Our original Stardust Legacy members had troops beaten into their minds so hard a lot of them neglected points most of the time for troops.

Point being the tribes original founding members kick ass and take names ;) but a lot of them went inactive from different real life issues like I did, though I was requested to come back today so we might see what happens, Could be a lot of big changes coming to Legacy now that the boss is back :cool: (joking)


Well as the leader of the smaller tribe that merged with you guys, the whole reason for that was that Garreth and I believed we had similar traits as tribes, we as well had a small member base who focused on troops and bash. Ever since merging I was set in the council right away and now remain with the few others. I can assure you that it would be worth coming back as we are fighting, but for the past month we have taken it slow in the middle and have nukes on nukes to our disposal.

There will be new discussion soon Im sure about the top tribes as new information comes out shortly, but Ill wait for it all to happen and all you guys figure out for yourselves :)

Also on a side not, hopefully this can pick up soon, this forum is dead for this world.

!AC - my own tribe i wont eval

-1- - Welp they are recruiting alot of smaller players and are still in the "honeymoon" phase of making a new tribe. We will see how they perform as it still stands from my previous post.

W11 - Former #1 still a good group of players IMO...I think they know something needs to happen since they have had a pretty strong "no diplo" rule. We will see where they end up. I expect many of the players to be in the world and large factors for a long time. They are accepting more players now though taking in some ODG and others.

LGY - Just merged most of ODG and are now in control of the SE. They have talked a big game in their prev post so we will see what happens :p

WST - Still watching these guys to see where they end up cause in their current state their only option really is to merge with a tribe IMO. Personally id like to see them and alb merge and add ANOTHER large superpower to the world to keep it interesting

STA - dying i hear they are pretty much a shell and their leadership has given up. Thats rumors but knowing that they are fighting some larger tribes i think they are screwed : /

ALB - Quiet from these guys a RIM tribe that has made it this far...i see them merging someone later but we will se

b4n - this tribe isnt all unity yet?

RES - W11 is killing them they are in the core...Pretty sure non factor and prolly all quit? I dunno what else to say here...

FML - Fought !AC...Bad choice :p pretty much cleanup time for !AC but i dunno i guess they got some that wont back down. Spit in !ACs face when we offered them to join when their leadership decided to attack us. So despite begging to finally come to us they will be eaten


b4n is -1-'s sister tribe. With the 200 member limit a merge here is impossible though, wich is why they're just staying in there.


Norafin;n23213 said:
b4n is -1-'s sister tribe. With the 200 member limit a merge here is impossible though, wich is why they're just staying in there.

The mighty family tribe returns


No, our leader in those days 'Chomp' went inactive along with some other co-leaders which made it impossible for us to recruit players and kick inactives. In the end we decided a new tribe needed to be created when it became obvious none were coming back.


Yeah, we had the same thing, though a Co-leader remained. In the end we changed the main tribe's name, made a new one and ate everyone who didn't follow.
Makes for a great activity test.


Well this is an interesting turn of events isn't it. Let's just rename this game Tribal Diplomacy.

Or call it Tribal Attrition. That's what it will now become. Who can keep the most active members. More SimCity action coming up! :)


And in the end, the last handful of players calls it a day and starts a new tribe on another server


I think if you're looking at it from a technical and geopolitical standpoint, OyVey (together with Unity) are currently the top tribes. Not only have they prevented another geopolitical shoah on the Barbarian villages, they have also managed to maintain relative peace and are responsible for the current political culture. A culture where men and animal (Barbarians) can live in peace. They truly are what this server needed all along.


jasonbourne;n27454 said:
I think if you're looking at it from a technical and geopolitical standpoint, OyVey (together with Unity) are currently the top tribes. Not only have they prevented another geopolitical shoah on the Barbarian villages, they have also managed to maintain relative peace and are responsible for the current political culture. A culture where men and animal (Barbarians) can live in peace. They truly are what this server needed all along.

What about the 6 gorilion OyVey and Unity killed? Reparations need to be paid!!