TOP 2 tribes at this world

Red = TSF ( Rank 2)
Blue = BIG ( Rank 1 )

You can see that BIG FISH is currently about too join the north east and south west together.
There is a group of TSF players trapped down in the south west between Cazza178, Jeppehoper, snsdjhp, and etc.
The players trapped are macb36, darktonian, MgPinky, bens0n and etc.
Personally the middle is hard to connect due to chahyunun who is a very fierce player in TSF. However, if the middle is connected it will only a matter of time when TSF will fall.
The black spot up North is Dragonheart. While DGH is still an active tribe it is impressive that they are holding fire from TSF and are being a great ally towards BIG.
TSF after uniting with R&R and UTF tried to win the world but even after the merge of 3 of the top tribes. They lack points and villas to BIG FISH.

While there is still alot of time left till the end of this world we can see that BIG is only a few steps from winning the world.
I'm fairly sure it was BIG's request that the world unite to provide at least one last fight against them, so you can hardly berate TSF for that. If anything, I'm a little surprised to hear that BIG have an ally...
Not berating them. Just stating facts and numbers and TSF has become much co-ordinated and organized after Amani took over and UTF joined them giving BIG a harder time that before. And it was me who suggested they should merge and i think it was the best decision they made along with sacking the ex leader :)