Top 10 Tribe Thread

You can win this game without spending money; it helps but it is not main factor. I play for quite a few worlds but I only invested some in this one (except for one time 5e top up for gwendoline on en22 I think)
These are way more important then crowns:
Resource Management < Strategy = Knowledge of the game < Time spent online
How do you possibly expect a player who does not buy crowns to compete with a crown buyer?
I put a lot of thought into what I would do with Jhin's main...catapult it to 51 points...make it the crown jewel of the empire I built upon his obliterated kingdom...let some smallfry with 20k points take it...

In the end, I realized that it deserved no more recognition than the rest of Jhin's "accomplishments": just another village, meaningless and unimportant, like the kid it once belonged to.

Hello TRS are there any survivors? Or have you all been carroted?
Must be a coincidence half the tribe fell apart with top players leaving, then the mass recruiting begins! A cunning scheme if I do say so myself! Make all the players who dis like MR'ing quit, then MR! In genius!
>TR are barely hanging on at 180+ members
>kato decides to go on a kicking spree, losing more than 4/5s of their VP

so they went from being a dud tribe to just handing us a win on a silver platter. the absolute state of this world. @chunks tfw you could've been with us but you sperged and joined TBK into some anti-LIFE coalition, losing ANOTHER world for your tribe. OOPS