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just buy your way back into a hopeless world, don't worry you can do it



Another week, another update. Dont forget if you are enjoying these updates leave a comment or a like to let me know to keep doing it.
That said, I think this world could be officially called based off the conquers stats, so i will start off with that.

Mag, Darkness and W.T may as well disband (checked W.T stats before replacing them with YSH, 10 barbs, 2 non-barbs, lost 21). WOW providing the only reasonable number of conquers, but they are dwarfed by -X-.
All right, now into the maps and breakdowns.


1. -X- 59%, finally sticking to a name for a full week!
Their conquers have increase from last week, up against every tribe, including the barbarians (that is still only 10% of their total, so dont go calling them munchers just yet) however their losses have also increased, predominantly to WOW, but also a few to other random tribes not included in the conquers stats.
Not entirely sure where the difference from increase stats vs. conquers comes from, possibly just slightly different beginning times for the stats comparisons.
2. WOW 16%, not going down without a fight, finally taking some -X- vills and possibly their best ob/m increase yet. This isnt distracting them from their war with the barbs however, as those conquers are also up.
They are down to their last core province, shared with darkness.
down 5 members this week, it seems a case off too little, too late.
3. MAG 6%, also lost 4 members, halved their bash increase from last week, and losing plenty of villages. with only 7 conquers not from barbs, mostly from RAD. I am officially declaring this as a dead tribe.
4. -D- 4%, a poor performance from these guys this week, it seems even the rim recruits are quitting. Another dead tribe.
They have only two provinces left in the core, one of which shared with WOW, just waiting for -X- to spare the nobles.
5. YSH 4%, up 2 slots this week, swapping places with W.T. Matching other top5 tribes in all stats except for losses.

Frankly I cant be bothered breaking down the rest of the top 10. None look to have any impact on the future of the world, they are increasing in total villages, but not enough to do more than slow the inevitable.


only changes here are Satania and Smack swapping places, and ttompatz replacing *Chris*

Hats off to tenmen for earning this much bash while also having a strong defensive fight. As I understand it he has been fighting mainly j u c k f h i n, so morale has helped him out in defense, but most players under heavy assault tend to turn turtle and cease their off bash increases.
juck, Satania, and Lordfuzzy still duking it out for top off bash - despite a large disparity in villages, though its getting hard to find targets that will actually give enough bash to make a difference.


Going by their lack of D bash, they probably have a lot of idle defense troops. just nuke those for O bash, lmao.

but yeah, props to tenmen, maybe he'll get a win on a later world if he plays like this there.




1. -X- 66%, letting up the pressure this week, only taking a third of last weeks villages. That being said, they have gone up 7% in top10 villages, so "less pressure" =/= "falling behind"
8 new members.
They have basically cleared the core of hostiles, i suspect the few remaining are inactives to be farmed, or just villages that were left till last. I expect much of the "less pressure" is due to a much smaller front, with many players finding themselves locked in in the core,maybe zabanya or cute kitten can confirm?
Frankly at this stage of the game, the challenge is well and truely gone, so you will likely see less activity from many of the players in this tribe, however if you attack them, you will find that less activity does not mean less ability, they still far outnumber anyone else, and when they are less active they are often building more troops so they may have more troops available than at any other time of the game.
2. WOW 14%, despite losing still, they have picked up on their war on the barbarians, more than 80% of their conquers have been from barbs, even with this, their village count has dropped, and they have lost 10 members on top of that.
I really dont understand the strategy of taking barbs when you are losing. It is commonly said "taking a barb means the winning tribe has to take 4 villages to keep up" but that is not true, at the least its incomplete. Taking a barb, is 0.8 extra villages that they need to take off of you (or 4 barbarian villages, which is where the misconception comes from), taking a single village off of them is 1 extra village they have to take of you (or 8 barbarian villages - 4 for the lost village, and 4 more for your gained village) so barb munching is a losing battle from the outset. But even if it werent, a barb cannot compete with the production of the villages you are losing while munching, and they are at least a week away from having a farm big enough to fit a nuke, so again, its weakening yourself, making the world easier, if more boring, for the winning tribe. /rant
3. W.T 4%, up 4 slots this week, actually gaining villages, losing only 1. a third from -x-. this is how you handle a losing world, find inactives/easy enemies, take their villages, its more effective than barbmunching, though W.T is doing that as well. The downside of this strategy is it invites attention, and W.T's ob/m isnt high enough to suggest they can compete (i know OB isnt the only metric, but you cant win a fight if you dont throw a punch).
Honestly, i think its too late to make a difference, but W.T should be taking villages from tco, they seem to bea able to put the villages to better use, then they can come at -X- from a stronger position, however most players at this stage of the game cry "we shouldnt be fighting each other, only the winning tribe!" which is only practical if all tribes are pulling their weight, and players are at a size to compete with their neighbours.
4. MAG 3%, lost 3 members, took a mere 5 villages, mostly from minor tribes, though there is a barb there too. village count has gone from 263 last week, to 141 this week. Im calling this a dead tribe.
5. tco 4%, up a slot this week, more due to The Darkness's fall, than their own prowess (i say this everytime they go up a rank im prtty sure). Going strong on the war with the barbarians, but losing villages to tribes outside of the top 5, a net village gain, however id say their capacity to fight went down as they lost developed villages which were replaced by underdeveloped barbs.

I know i said i was only doing the top5 now, but as the darkness has had such a prominent place for so long, even starting the war that effectively ended the competition for the world, and dragging WOW down with them, ill give them one last week of infamy.
6. -D- 3%, down 2 slots this week, 2 members for a total village count drop of 53 villages, mostly taken from them by -X-, and they have finally joined their ally WOW in their war against the barbarians, taking 19 barbs, and those are their only conquers this week.
Darkness has been brought down to only the rim recruits they brought in once they got decimated in the early days of the war. I think its a fair call to say that the Darkness that exists today is a completely different tribe to the Darkness that tried to sucker punch -X- 6 weeks ago.

Yes you read that right, it took 6 weeks to go from 4 sizeable tribes vieing for control, with several minor tribes big enough to distract, if not defeat one or more of the 4 big tribes, to 3 of those big 4 being considered dead, and only one of those minor tribes still trying to distract.
To be honest, it took a lot quicker than that, you could have said the same thing 2-3 weeks ago, however it wasnt quite as obvious then as it is now. It did, after all, only take 48hours to kill the first of those big 4.


only change here this week is 9 and 10 swapped places.


the "letting up pressure" thing probably comes from how much harder it is to keep up the noble counts, as you get more villages you just can't be bothered farming to maintain the same rate. especially on a dead world.

maybe domination should be set to 70% for the win, 80 is just way too much of a grind considering no tribe has ever lost from >60% control.


I was thinking about that, what could be better is to instead of comparing top10 villages, compare only to tribes who have more than 5% of the top10 villages.
so in this case, it would be the top 2 tribes, but if tribe #3 had say 12%, and tribe #4 had 5% (the remaining 6 tribes combining to the remaining 2%), then it would be of the top 4 tribes.
Basically dont compare to dead tribes, or to tribes that are unable to effect the outcome. Even now WOW cannot win, but they are the only ones with the territory and production capacity to mount any worthwhile challenge to -X- (they arent, but they could).


it also gives the flexibility on the off chance that there's a world where all the top 20 are relevant and have fairly equal chances of winning. would be nice if the game was populated enough for that to be a possibility, i'd come back in a flash if that was the case.
A man can dream





1. -X- 69%, Pressure coming back up, though the % increase was only 3 percent from last week. Taking villages across the board, just keeping up with the Barbmunchers holding them back.
2. WOW 11%, dropped 3%, taken 40 barbs.
3. W.T 4%, Only tribe actually trying to fight aside from -X-, with 18 non-barbs conquered.
4. tco 4%, seems a few of these guys are actually trying to fight. If they wanted that, they chose the wrong tribe, RoA or W.T would have been a better option. Best of luck to them however.
5. -D- 3%, back in the top 5, mostly due to the 50 barbs munched, and the fact that MAG has dropped out.
RIP MAG, lost 59 villages this week, and have 82 left. I doubt anyone is left there to hold up the banner.
I anticipate the world has 2-3 weeks left in it before victory conditions are met.Sooner if the right conditions are met. Half the time the end game is sped up with a tribe disbanding, if YSH merged with allies -X- and WOW disbanded, victory would be reached right now.



what's the points per village like for each tribe/player? kinda curious about that. 3-6k ppv means they're barb munching or getting hammered with cats/sabs, 6-8k means they're min/maxing villages for extra troops, 10K+ usually means point whoring, 9K is about the standard


Easy to work out from whats listed. Personally my average is 6,800, im not barbmunching, im not being catted. I just dont need a village higher than that for the most part, also my lowest vills are from taking former barbs off of wow recently. Just wiped out a 14 village player, not one village above 6k, most in mid 3s

As you can see, tco (who hasnt really been hit heavily) is around 3k. RoA was hit heavy earlier on, but where they are now they havent had much more than passing conquers for a while, and still around 3k.
RAD are on the very rim, so 3k is much higher than the barbs.
MAG, WOW, -D- are not far above barb, but that could be because -X- has taken the large vills, leaving the crappy inactives to focus elsewhere
DGS could be higher, i dont think they have been hit since they abandoned MAG.
W.T could be higher too, but as a rim tribe making passing strikes on -X-, 5k/vill is respectable.
YSH I *think* are mostly morale bashing for -X-, so it may be that the villages they are taking are the former barbs or the restarted players.
and finally -X-, its not at your 9k benchmark, but i think that number, while good for a max size vill, isnt a reasonable average. the 6.6k is a fair average, and it is dragged down by being forced to munch former barbs from the other tirbes.

TLDR: the points/vill comparison is not very good at this stage of the game, most of the tribes could have a reasonable explanation to justify thier points/vill aside from barb-munching. Only tribes who cant really explain it are tco (always known as barb munching sims) and RoA (ive considered them a dead tribe for months, the ones left are pretty much the sims)


-X- brought their tribe limit up to 80 members, suggesting that they plan to make a jump towards domination by wooing a few more players.

As got MAG, most of the large players have defected to -X- or their own tribe, leaving very few active players. Even our founder has left us, without putting another active tribe member in a tribe manager position. The remaining players have to focus on fending off hungry former tribe mates and finding the occassional opportunity to take a village.


yea @PainMonkey -x- has had 80 member limit for about 3 weeks now, I believe it was done to bring in the players from MAG then. We are at 75 members, and the largest non-X player has a measely 29 villages, taking the top 5 non-X players would increase % by 3%, they have been doing that in 4-5 days. So, the victory is assured without doing that, and doing that doesnt speed up the world all that much. I dont know about you, but if it happens, I dont think its more than a drop in the bucket at this stage, so its not a big deal.
My opinion is that YSH are more likly to be pulled into -X- due to the long standing alliance, and they are even smaller, so the % increase would be closer to 1 or 2%.


yea @PainMonkey -x- has had 80 member limit for about 3 weeks now, I believe it was done to bring in the players from MAG then. We are at 75 members, and the largest non-X player has a measely 29 villages, taking the top 5 non-X players would increase % by 3%, they have been doing that in 4-5 days. So, the victory is assured without doing that, and doing that doesnt speed up the world all that much. I dont know about you, but if it happens, I dont think its more than a drop in the bucket at this stage, so its not a big deal.
My opinion is that YSH are more likly to be pulled into -X- due to the long standing alliance, and they are even smaller, so the % increase would be closer to 1 or 2%.
As thw. ranking member with invite privs there will be no recruiting, and perhaps a banishing of freeloaders. We will not win as a mrt even if it takes a few more weeks.



Im not going to go into big detail this week.
-X- is at 72.5%
-X- has a large amount of internals which has reduced their conquers somewhat, however Darkness coming back and taking 24 -X- villages has hurt their progress more than the internalling, for that reason, internalling is the right move. Hopefully they can internal and conquer faster than they lose members, though i dont think there are many inactives, just a couple big inactives.
WOW, MAG, tco and W.t effectively all only taking barbs. they can be ignored i think. Only Darkness has done anything worth mentioning this week.
Mag dropped down to #9 with only 55 villages left. RAD dropping off the rankings to be replaced with ACORN, these guys have been fighting MAG from the beginning, initially they had help from WOW to hold their 1 province against 2 of MAGs biggest players, I guess MAG were too preoccupied with gum and WOW to deal with these guys while WOW were busy fighting in their core, and so ACN lives on.


j u c k and DrSmack dropping down, possibly where the internals and losses come from?

tenmen finally pushed off the bash rankings.


So -X- advances by 3.5% in one week. That suggests there's two more weeks of play before this world is called. Probably a bit longer since I think some -X- players will drop off out of boredom and other players might be more aggressive about biting back at -X-. What do the non -X- players have to lose at this point.
There should be some way to incentivise active play at this stage of the game.


or just reduced victory conditions. There is noone left to compete with -X-, even at low activity. I often log in once a day for about 20min, and now i have more troops than any non-X- player possibly could, once my nobles catch up I can basically pick a province at take it over in one wave, even without faith, and most of -X- are in an even better position than me.


that's the only thing that slows down end game, not last ditch efforts but the scaling of coins needed for nobles. either reduce the village % needed for the win or set a hard cap on coins/noble.
Have come too learn afew -x- leadership were banned for cheating/multi accounts ?etc... including the leader Juckfhin.... can anyone confirm this? Different sources telling me.... I know also juckfhin under his previous alias was banned for cheating in a previous world....


First off, this is the wrong place to put that, your risking having the entire thread closed or deleted. We are not allowed to discuss bans in the forum.
Secondly, I will continue that risk and tell you that I have not heard any hard evidence of this being the case in this world, I do know there have been some inactives, as always happens at this stage of every world, one of which is juckfhin, who has said in the tribe discord saying he has joined the army, which is another reason for his dissappearance.
I have also read in the forums for other worlds that bans have been coming in alot in recent weeks, and inevitably some innocent parties get caught up with the guilty.

The reality is that you have posted that in the hopes that you can justify your loss based on cheating. You cant. The stats do not support a tribe that was only beaten through the use of a couple of cheaters. The players that are still active still have far better stats than WOW ever did, or could have, and did the majority of the work (dont be fooled, juckphin may have been our largest players, but most of that was from claiming more than his share of internalling). You were outclassed in ability, skill, and teamwork. You started out with far more players than -X-, most of which were far bigger, and you started days, if not weeks, before most of -X-, and that should have outweighed any cheating/multi-accounting these inactives may or may not have done, and of the use of any other bots or cheats that I have heard players being accused of using in other worlds, none of them would improve our ability to the extent that was needed to beat you. At best they would have prevented you from attacking back effectively (bots doing sniping) however you didnt attack in the first place for it to happen, after that its just getting more resources (farm bots), I can promise you i never used those (though i suspect some of WOW did), and my only lack of resources were for coins, and the rim had far better farming that i did in the core with you, so they would merely have allowed a player to be less active, so you should have been able to counter that with your extra time, players, and villages far before -X- became a force to be reckoned with