the way of SFU

greets all forum members,
here by id like you to introduce u the way of SFU


kinda funny no , so sure of a win alrdy , yet stil need info to achieve something? ;p
good luck to you

wil be a nice world here :) the battle forum wil surley be fil'd sooner or later
yes lets ignore the 50 village lead on the next closest tribe(hippo) and the fact they also have like 10 less members.

but their now winning or anything atm are theeyyyyy
Majestic blaming SFU for cheating is just too funny. I mean we both know that you cheat, so who are you trying to fool? you just make yourself look even more ridiculous every time xDDD


Tribal Wars 2 Team
Hey you all, as a warning please refrain from name calling(directl or indirectly), or directly accusing of cheating or cussing. Thanks, lets keep it clean ;)