The Market Economy of TW2


I used to play TW1 back in the day and correct me if I am wrong but back then you didnt need to sell stuff on the market at a 1:1 ratio? As far as I can tell in TW2 theres no option to sell 500 Wood for 1000 Clay - I may be very much mistaken in this however I feel like not being able to 'Wheel and Deal' with the economy is a shame and detracts from the gameplay.

Back in the day I used to focus on a market based economy rush were I would invest in resources early in the world to make a proffit on them later when the meta switched to it.

In the first 2 days of a world wood is key. Everyone needs it. So you could sell 500 wood for 1000 clay in a heartbeat. That 1000 clay in a few days time is worth more than 2000 wood as the need changes. I really miss this in TW2 and would love to hear peoples opinions on a fun and overlooked game mechanic which has now become basic and quite frankly boring.

Loving TW2 currently and looking forward to hearing from you!




In the "your offers" bit it says fixed ratio 1:1, it seems like it'd be simple to change this to a variable between 0.5-2. It would be good to have since people have excess wood they're struggling to sell off on most worlds.

I hate using MA, but pretty much forced to in order to balance res out. even with iron pits at 6-7 levels higher. i'd sell wood for iron at a 0.5 rate in a heartbeat if i could.