The complete story of EN Winterstein!


I voted not to merge, but lost. I respected the result of the vote and people's right to vote how they choose. As for the crowns I don't care care about them, I still have some of the crowns I won in the Christmas event and what have been used have mostly been by accident when rushing to do things on mobile. As for bragging about winning, I doubt I will as my contribution to the win is not that significant.
Merging to win did bother when I first started playing, but now I just see it as part of the game since every world I have played it has been done or attempted. What does bother me is people criticising me for being part of merge to win when they have done it themselves.


People are just full of shit.
The game gets dull as hell after a certain point, and up to that point it's mostly crowning/p2w, hugfests, merges and zergs. Bottom line, game sucks, community is full of hipocrites and trolls and also sucks.


I know a few things about this realm. Tribe nr 1, 2 and 3 merged. You dont need to be a rocket scientist to understand that it will kill the world. And as a bonus you killed some of the other tribes by recruiting their most active players. And in the end you merged with yak because the realm become boring. So congratulation on your fantastic victory.
This is not true at all. Tribe n1-n3 not merge at all!!! Those are only Lolita bla bla bla like every time. She/ he is the biggest hater and lie ever.


What was really on winterstein:
I was leader of Slovak warriors. We come from Slovak worlds here to play bigger world because our world is too small now. And what happen here?

In the beginning there were some big tribe. After one week with 120 members and more. Like PS and others. We were 20 members that time. We took another players when one big tribe was split into two - three tribes (scorpion - unit and shadow council). Some of them go into our tribe (before name was Namelles king) and we make new tribe with the name Nameless warriors. We had 40 members. I think it was one - two month after server start.
That time there were some the big and strong tribes - Scorpion Unit, Shadow council, YAZ, Oblivion, AO1, PS and the biggest group TCW. We had 48 members and beat donw Ps with 100 members and also fight with anothers ...
The TCW during christmas time merge into one big and hudge tribe with 200 members and tribe level 43!!! They took also a lot members from another tribe around our tribe. That time we start be in contact with S-U and Shadow and talking together about cooperation. TCW that time was the biggest tribe with the highest tribe lvl ever which we did not achieve till now!! They have all tribe bonus and they start attacking us. So we decide make oposite against this hudge tribe and merge together with S-U and Shadow council. Together we had 120 members and 15 tribe lvl and also there where anothers tribes still. Like YAZ, Oblivion and Ao1 and Titan point and others.
The war start. Some of our members were 24/7 under attack. We lost some villas some of them take back and start re-attacking. Took some villas from leaders of TCW. Then shit happens. Some of them get banned (I do not know why and I was in touch later with some of previous memebers TCW). Then happen the biggest fail. Someone from TCW just kick out all their members from TCW. They lost theirs tribe and real war dfinish. Could be nice fight together but this happen. That time I was thinking to make some tribe with them and split our tribe but so many TCW previous members were so frustrated that was impossible. From this time it was only about time when the will end. Because we had good relationship with YAZ and were our ally we decide to take them on board and just quick up end of this world. That is all.

Yes I can agree was not the best world but the history was not like Lolita said. Lolita is so hate player as I never seen before. They change tribe like socks. She was in so many tribes and from every tribes just leave and did before mess inside the tribe. She call everyone like chicken, pony and just like that insulted everyone. She laughing how stupid are every players and was really not nice. She all the time spoke like she is the best and all others are just chicken but the true is something else. Just check her/his bash in TW2 tool and you see what I am talking about. When I offer her to go on somewhere to fight just make bla bla and start insulting someone inside tribe.

And one more - regarding what was mentioned about using dead accout - Emeldin - he is my friend from SLovakia and we should take care about his account because he should come back. But not :((. One of our player send one nuke or two not sure and attack lolita. Right after Lolita contact him he apologise and not sending more troops from this acount. He did not know that this is not right. Lolita ones again did not write it here as all the time and wrote all the time only half of true.

That is all.

Guys - this is only game for fun and I thanks to all with who I had this fun ... To others I wish good fight good members (not like Lolita) and everything the best in real life which is most important.
This world should be my last. I just want to try some another server and it is only pitty was not so good as I wish but meet several very nice people here from different country and different feelings ...

Take care all and as I always write - play with the respect to others and for good fun.