start of world 41

just checked usa server , they had world start today ,, guess what , another vp world ,, and thier last one opened was vp as well ???????????????????
have inno gone crazy ??????
i have got players waiting for domination world ,, after it was stated in forum a while ago it was domination
players are not going to wait many already leaving game
On the Dutch server they opened a dom world, so not all worlds opend today were VP.
What I understood the CM could choose to either open a Dom world or VP world (but I could be mistaken) if thats the case then for once we can not blame inno but you guys should blame someone else;)

Ps. Guess this comment will be deleted:(
good, we are a group of 30 players, we come to play precisely a world dominated. 2 months waiting for that world and now you have changed it that way. we have deceded if during today and tomorrow this solution is not solved, we are going to leave it and we go to another server
We will wait a solution for this problem. Hopefully they can solve it.
members of tus , were waiting for this Domonation world to open ,, Inno just want to End game faster, by reporting player numbers dwindling ,, so they can shut tw2 down
Please understand that there may have been a change made however I'll need to find out why these changes where made. Again we do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.
Cut the poor fella some slack (just a teensy bit though). He's dealin with the corporate beast. Sometimes the folks at the top don't exactly communicate the greatest (especially their listening skills...just sayin).
There's no way (yep, simply not possible) that the CM for this server would have chosen to swap a dom world over for a vp one. He doesn't hate us...
And that is my Cool friendly statement for this decade
Hello, I introduce myself, I'm Alexhann, it's a pleasure to play in this server, for me the kind of final is not inconvenient