Rumors by Fleetwood Mac Featuring Xenophontos Monastery

They barely care about the forum anyway, there had been over a month's worth of stuff to get banned for and it only happened recently. also liking the enty pic
Ohh well...

I've just looked down our tribe village listings

*And with the exception of Wakthebrave and Exodial ( his coop im guessing) who to be fair is fighting really well

INQ havent taken a nomad vil since May the 6th.... ooepsie

And it was retaken an hour later anyway...

In contrast nomads are surging through INQ territory now with poise.... INQ are taking a few barbs to offset their losses which I dont blame its a natural response

But looks like 1 side is attacking more now and one side is defending more...

This is my perspective from where I am
As a update for all the hungry spectators out there! .... maybe someone can make a village conquest chart and a top ten ( or really just top 2 ) breakdown as its been a while
what the hell is going on?

is leaving the unpleasant of my friend edwin, and no longer talk?

how are those 75 super active nomaDsssssss players​
anyone would say it is a nomaDs ...

and how are u ThatsMyNextSpot???

what happen with king kato? something wrong in your tribe? :D
after his departure, i spies on all his towns.

I hope all your super active members have that many defenses hahahaa​
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