Real Barbie Member Count Predictions

From the very start it was pretty obvious that members in Barbie were using multiple accounts just from looking at how similar the names were. For example, the three accounts Lord Forrester, Lord Glenmore, and Lord Cerwyn are all dead give aways, but it is likely that this guy actually has five accounts in the same province. But wait it gets better. At first I also thought there were only two multi accounts in the province above me. Run Run baby/Run Run Baby. and Bee my farm/One step closer, BUT NOW it seems that these and all the other Barbie accounts in that province are actually one person. Couldn't even spell surprise right on all the villages. Now I want to know what percentage of the Barbie members are multiple accounts. My guess is 30%.

What happened youngwolf94? Did I treat you that badly in en56 that you need 7 accounts.... that we know of.