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Well this forum section is dead.
So lets play this game from tw1.

my Favourite game from tw1!

Just Answer the following about the player who posted last.

Points: /5
OD: /5
Position(Area): /5
Profile: /5
Reputation: /5
Tribe: /5
Farming: /5
if you have additional comments.


this is an example link.

IGN: Hillbilly.


The idea of the game is to give the player above you an analysis of their account, it is generally intended as a friendly way to offer friends and enemies alike constructive criticism, and shouldn't be turned into an insult slinging propaganda mission.

Points: /5 Discuss player's rank, and progression, how effectively they keep it.
OD: /5 Discuss players kill points, does it befit their rank, have they earned their position through hard battling or proven themselves fierce etc
Position(Area): /5 Do they have a healthy area, relatively safe with tribemates nearby, yet healthy access to enemies etc
Profile: /5 Is their profile interesting, or non existent.
Reputation: /5 What have you heard of their player, do they have any reputation on the forums, are they silent warriors or talkative fools.
Tribe: /5 A player is only as successful as his tribe, and vice versa, so how strong is his tribe, and have they earned their position, will they do good?
Farming: /5 How much, how quickly does a player farm, are they farming monsters, efficient in pulling in resources to get that boost on the competition. This last one will be hard to track however, unless players participating are willing to post the stat from their own achievement. As it will eventually top out with the final achievement milestone with what players can view of your account.

Let's try this again shall we? I shall clear up the thread a bit. First poster should analyze hillbilly. as the creator of this thread.



Points: 5/5 Your empire development has been great and you're one of the top players of the world.
OD: 3/5 Could definitely be a lot higher for your rank. You've done some battling clearly, but with 34 villages I'd expect 500k+
Position: 4/5 It looks like you're cleaning up the KoH in your area; however, still a few threats around you.
Profile: ??/?? I don't really care about profiles.
Reputation: ?/5 Not going to lie, I really haven't heard anything about you.
Tribe: 10/5 Viva la Legio, live and kill!
Farming: 2/5 You don't have stolen goods 5 yet, which is a little concerning considering your size. Although I guess in this world farm isn't that important since all of our enemies noble every single barb.