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IGN starkiller666


The forum seems dead, so let me start.

Points: 5/5
OD: 5/5
Position(Area): 2/5
Profile: -/5
Reputation: -/5
Tribe: 2/5
Farming: 4/5
Other: -/5

Top 10 player, Rim player. You seems to be running out of good target to noble. Good farming (excellent, considering your area it should be at least that). The best for you!!

IGN: xseen

Lady Mercenary

points: 5/5
OD: 5/5
Position (Area): 4/5
Profile: 3/5
Reputation: 5/5
Tribe: 5/5 (Not being bias, I swear xD)
Farming: 4/5
Other: A top player, in the tribe with the highest PPM in the world, I'd say your overall presence in this world is strong.
lady Mercenary
points: 4/5
reputation:0/5(don't know you SORRY)
Tribe:5/5(not being bias? well i think your tribe is op so yh)
other: not access to the game atm so throwing in some random facts; 02:09:2015 towards 02:13:2015 you had a drop in growth but the next very day you jumped like a princess:), you have been attacked and hammered a bit due to the defensive bash:) but you got more offensive bash than defensive bash so its legit :p

points: 4/5 8th place as good as points go, that is good.
OD:4/5 (have had some killing, I guess you are not afraid to attack, but what will happen when you get attacked?)
position(area):2/5 (it seams that you are struggling with nobling, have to go after medium sized villages, and your tribe mates mess up farming I bet).
profile: 4/5 (not a big fan of this question, it is very subjective)
reputation:4/5(Getting your rep up on externals, and are good on in game, active, know your game from TW1)
Tribe:3/5(Not that big overall, a lot of players messing up everything there is to mess up, you are too good of a player for tribe like that.)
farming:5/5 20 mil is a very good amount, shows how well you control your area.
Overall: 26/35 - Room to grow, going strong in my opinion player that will show hes worth in mid game. P.S. In this game I like to be a bit judge, it brings fun in it. :)

-IGN Kekua
Sorry that my post kind of messed up and stuck together, forum seams to be baggy too (can't even edit my last post). I hope it won't be a problem :( P.S. IGN - Kekua
points 4/5 top 30 is good enough
OD:5/5 41k is good enough these days
position(area) 4/5 way better than mine in terms of growth
profile:5/5 classic threatening other players :)
reputation: 4/5 don't know you, but you are part of a stabile strong tribe so probably big gand strong:)
Tribe: 5/5 very good very strong tribe with excellent players!
farming 5/5 good compare good amount.
overall: strong area to grow much easier than my own...(I need to send noble train 10 hours out soon...) will probably hit top 10 if you take those villages in the north.

IGN Starkiller666
points 5/5: Top 10 player
OD 5/5: Very good at attacking
Position: 3/5 A little boring.
Profile: 5/5 Made me chuckle.
Rep: 4/5 Good performance so far.
Tribe: 3/5

IGN Sy1501
Player: Sy1501 points 4/5: Top 50 player OD 4/5: Attacker, don't mind to get your hands dirty. Position: 3/5 A little boring. Profile: 3/5 a bit childish, but at least it is not a sword or skull. :) Rep: 1/5 Don't know you, but I like your tribe he he. :) Tribe: -/5 My tribe, so I can't judge it as I would just comment my self. Overall: 15/25 Room to grow, be aggressive and farm like imbecile and you could get closer to top. :) IGN:Kekua
points: 4/5 top 16 you can do better bro
OD: 5/5 76k that is pro!
position: 5/5 bit south of the tribe lots of space to grow nice!
profile: 1/5 got tired of threatening, it's booring... troops win wars not words :D :D
rep: 5/5 good performance i think:)
tribe: 5/5