Race to 2000: Checking the crowns

This is mainly directed towards Dement0r, who said "Also it doesn't matter if someone says that he did or did not use crowns, we check that and give prizes accordingly." It is not as it concerns me personally, but I don't think you checked at all. If you're saying Motherearth did NOT use crowns, go run the calculations for how long building what he built should take and how long it did. It won't be the same. I just don't like it when people lie and you don't verify the truth even if you state you would.

However, if he, in some way that I cannot in any way imagine, did get to 2K without using any crowns, I'm sorry for accusing you. Truth > All.
I am sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the outcome of this competition, however I have indeed checked all competitors and if they used crowns, therefore all prizes have been correctly granted to their respective winners.
I guess I'll have to take your word for it. Thanks for re-checking (if you did). Post can be deleted if you wish.

Let's do a breakdown:
Just shy of 1000 points gained in 48 hours.
Academy takes around 8 hours for 512 points? (1097+512=1609) leaving 16 hours out of day one to gather 187 points, then 24 hours to gather 204 points to pass 2000, or in this case 276 to reach the point shown on stats.

Does this not seem plausible? What am I missing?
It seems I made a mistake with the time, at the time, thought it was AM, not PM (Mainland EU, my bad), difference of 12 hours for the 276 points. Sorry about that, guys! And sorry, ME:)