Question from another server

Hi im B0W83 ,
Ive not been playing as long as yourselves but im wondering what strategies you have taken from the start of the server ..
So ive made a few questions ..
Whats the best course for staying alive for so long..?
Whats your best make ups for villes.?
What Nukes do you find best effective.?
Best defence you think works.?
Ratios of Defence to Offence villes so forth.?
I would of thought The very first players would be Legends @ this by now.. especially being on the first server.. Anybody fancy outlaying some of their info to make anyone that wants to know better ..
you just need to focus on farming for the first weeks and make sure no one has an offensive army that can catch yours when you sleep. focus on the offensive armies for the first 3-4 villas, remember the best way to defend your villas is make sure nobody can attack them. when the game goes to the mid term like after 5-6 month i would recommend you to make 50-50 off and def villas, but this is general, i usually prefer 30 def and 70 off, it's all about how much you can be active and your position on the map. hope to be useful, if i haven't been successufull don't mind asking any other explanation
Heres another question...
Have you managed to find a way around the Homeguard feature yet being from the first server..

what i mean by way around ..
Like how to take out a church in a stacked ville .. When tavern 15 and Homegurad feature in place..

Would be good to see if you had any ideas on how to do this ...

The way it stands that i see it atm is that you cannot knock them out when a ville is stacked - with troops a church and 15 tavern .. making it impossible to take out or noble due to this feature being in place ..

Do you have any suggestions or tips rather than a tribe wide op to do so with every 1 sending a nuke and paladin ??
um. talking from another server (Gyulai Var) its easy to sab the tavern. number of troops in the village doesnt effect it. 1 in 5 sabs get through providing no defending spies (from my personal experience) and when the tavern gets hit its all over.