Proposed Diplomatic Newsletter


Hello everyone.
Since the newsletter for this world isn't going to be updated anymore, I thought I'd offer to make a small newsletter. At the very least I'd like to keep everyone updated on tribal diplomacy, or at least as much as the tribes are open to telling the public. I also may be willing to use my number-crunching programs to publish simple spreadsheets or data tables of players tribes and other updates on the progress of the world.
Before I try to just jump in, I thought I'd try to test the waters, kinda see if people leading different tribes would be open to answering certain questions.
I myself am currently a non-tribally affiliated player on worlds 10 and 11.
So, would the folks on the forums be interested in a little world-wide-watch thread?


i'm all for it i'm the founder and head leader of atf sorry was away for a bit real life issues more important then the game i don't mind helping at all shoot me a msg in game or here