Poll: World closing

What would you like?

  • World should remain open

    Votes: 1 9.1%
  • Close the world

    Votes: 10 90.9%

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  • Poll closed .
Hello Warriors,

Even though the world has been won and that no further changes in the world will apply to endgame we would like to know if you want this world closed or would you like to have it stay open for you to still be able to play?

Note: If the outcome is to close the world it will not be closed earlier then the new world opens, but on the same day as the new world opens.

This thread can be used as discussion as well.

The poll will be closed in 5 days.


This is stupid, the game ends and accounts should be frozen. The world I'm in is about to close, if the remaining players vote for it to carry on, that means that one day i decide to login and my account was cannibilized by pointless players who deided to keep playing after the game has ended.

The game is over just finish it. These polls are a joke...
Unfortunately it is how it works at the moment. However hall of fame which we create stays the same from the point where world is finished.


As much as it hurts me to see the world coming to an end, I would like to thank everybody for their effort and dedication to get where we are now. Best of luck in the future, I will stop playing this game as I would like to attempt other matters in real life.