Pleased with new world 28

First let me say that having started yesterday, so far the world looks to be good, we have no bugs showing, no drop outs and we are free of bot cheaters and their multiple attempts at 53 pt villages, as was my experience on a previous world.
A big well done to our superb Mod team and any others helping, who have kept things clean for us players, thank you.
Ashera IV - did you put in a ticket about that? If not, please do it in-game with a couple of screenshots.
Theyve always been barbarians from when i first noticed them. They are somewhat spread so i doubt its effecting anyones gameplay. Most ive seen in a single province is 2 barbarians of that name scheme.
No where near as bad as the ring created by that guy on en26 with thousands of accounts.

Havent submitted a ticket as i view them as another serve generated barbarian, atleast thats what they feel like.
A server generated barbarian has the name Barbarian Village and nothing else. I encourge you to put in a ticket so we can look at it - you might be seeing the leading edge of something bigger.