Please look at this apsurdity.

yeah i restarted. dont exactly fancy facing a nuke that is built in 3 days...
And yes i used gwen. the difference between some players doing it and others is that others actually use them to help their tribe/fight.
I wonder how many players currently lie in negative coins- nobles. Players Who have 600 points being able to noble. Sort of defeats the object of the game.
Define just started? Just started as in you built 1000 points in 3 days? Or just started as in you jumped in quick enough to buy nobles ready to bend some poor rim player over?
I started playing but was busy with Christmas stuff so decided to restart. My bp just dropped :) During this time I saved up my arrows so I had enough to get them sweet nobles. I quit giving inno money a long time ago. But yes, if all goes well, I'll be bending over multiple people
I saved my arrows til the last day, the last 2 days didnt have nobles. The last day was crap, so either you got lucky early or you got money.
I got lucky, I think it took me around 3-4 shots until I managed to get the nobles. I also saved the rest of them for the final day