(P&P) The Tavern of Gaillard (EN33)

18 months ago wasnt my last TW1 world im on one atm not my acc and not solo so didnt want to post them stats as not my acc

and what TW2 tools that would help me a lot been trying to find my self on w1 of TW2 but cant remember what they called it
zombie what your doing in your tw2 aint dose not mean anything this is world 33 since you cant do the math, also your dear leader quit because he got his stuff pushed in , so why dont you go back into farming so you can catch up plz
@zombie pirate --> There is no record of you being on w1 of tw2 (Alnwick). You are however on world 2 of tw2 (Bastille). Didn't really do anything on there...
1) You aren't referring to this account
2) You might not be talking about an EN world (international server world)
3) You are confused about your history

If you use tw2 you can search all world and find your history, but only per server (exp. EN server or US server)
You can also use Tribal Wars 2 Stats for any worlds prior to EN15
so just like TW1 just search TWX stats?

yea i was on w21.co.uk when TW2 came out so came to check it out and went back to playing proper TW until now

so i might of missed a world as we was at war and all :p
@whitty Back in high school I could run 100 metres in 11.5 seconds. It's years since then do you think I can still run that fast? Hell no, injuries ect have slowed me down. See where I'm coming from? Past glory from TW1 doesn't always come over to TW2 especially from a world 18 months ago.
Looking at TW2 tools it's definitely not come over for you. :rolleyes:

TW is like riding a bike (TW2 without MS is easy)

just because MY last acc was 18 months ago doesnt mean im out of practice i play other peoples accs because i cant stand the payers at start up thats why im leaving TW1 after that world (not w33 btw) but as i have said hopefully TW2 will be different.....