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November Contest

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Tribal Wars 2 Team

"Thanksgiving Story" Contest

Dear tribal warriors,

We are very happy to present to you our newest and most recent forum contest: Thanksgiving Story.

For more information, please read carefully each and every guideline specified below. In this way, you won't have any
question while submitting your entry.

• This thread will be open to entries from all users;
• In order to get be able to get a reward you will need to write a a short story related to Tribal Wars 2 and Thanksgiving;
• Feel free to be humorous and to use in-game images to illustrate your story if you think they are relevant. Don't forget to always be respectful in case you mention other players nicknames;
• It doesn't need to be a true story, you can make one up - as long as it is about Tribal Wars 2 and Thanksgiving;
• Your text should have at least 100 words and 300 at maximum;
• After the contest ends, the moderation team will elect the best 3 stories - the ones that will get rewarded! You can also show how much you liked a story by reacting (on the bottom right corner) to it.

• If you don't meet the number of words restriction, you will be disqualified;
• We won't accept entries that do not follow the forum, game and contest rules;
• Each player can only submit one entry. If you already submitted yours, please let other users submit theirs;
• In case you have more than one forum account, you can only participate once.
If you use multi-accounts you will be disqualified;
• If your in-game account was banned, the prize will be awarded to the next user;
• Please type your active account name on your entry (e.g. "Elmerine);
• Once submitted, you can't change your answer. Edited entries will be disqualified;
• There are market restrictions. By participating on this contest you can only get prizes on the EN market of Tribal Wars 2;
• The deadline to present a claim regarding the prizes is 7 days after they have been credited.
After that, no change or analysis will be made by the support team.

• This contest will run for 5 days;
• Between 21st and 26th of November (inclusive);
• The contest prizes will be delivered until 6th December (inclusive).

• The authors of the best 3 stories will get 500 crowns;
• If we don't reach the threshold of 3 entries, the texts won't be classified and every player will get the reward -
as long as the contest rules are met.

If you still have any question, please contact our support team. We will do our best to clarify your question to you
as soon as possible.

With best regards,
Your Tribal Wars 2 Team.
Once upon a time in the vast world of Tribal Wars 2, a spirited tribe known as Harvest Hawks found themselves in the midst of a festive celebration. Thanksgiving had arrived, bringing a unique blend of camaraderie and strategic planning.

The chieftain, a player known as GobblerMaster, gathered the tribe in the Great Hall. They feasted on digital delights and toasted with virtual goblets, sharing tales of conquests and alliances.

As the feast reached its peak, the tribe received an unexpected message from a rival tribe, Turkey Titans. Instead of launching an attack, the Titans proposed a truce for the day, suggesting a grand Thanksgiving alliance against a common foe.

In the spirit of the season, Harvest Hawks accepted, forging a temporary bond with their rivals. Together, they set out to conquer unclaimed territories, sharing the spoils equally. The in-game map transformed into a mosaic of unity and cooperation.

The Thanksgiving truce became legendary in Tribal Wars 2 lore, symbolizing the power of camaraderie even in the competitive landscape of the game. The moderation team, impressed by the creativity and unity, crowned Harvest Hawks, Turkey Titans, and their common foe as the victors of the Thanksgiving event.

GobblerMaster and the Harvest Hawks celebrated not only virtual victories but also the bonds of friendship formed in the digital realm. As crowns rained down on the top three tribes, players from all corners of the world exchanged congratulatory messages, proving that even in the heat of battle, there's room for a virtual Thanksgiving feast.

And so, the legend of the Tribal Wars 2 Thanksgiving truce lived on, reminding players that sometimes, alliances can be forged over a feast, even if it's a feast of ones and zeros.
Not open for further replies.