Non-Active Villages


I saw the post about this being disabled, and is being worked on. Game rules note that after 30 days of inactivity a player becomes a barb. But seriously, the amount of trash villages on this server most certainly out numbers the active. It bogs down the world map when looking around and is nothing more than clutter. If a province is slated for X # of players and X # of Barbs, then it should be easy to note only X # of players can become a barb after inactivity. Any additional in active players should be removed from the world completely. This can either create a blank spot for a future new player (horrible way to start surrounded by high level players) or just leave it empty to reduce map clutter.
i totally agree .ive seen province without any active players and only 50 points villages and barbs .these inactive villages also help players grow and since they won't turn barb and continue growing ,its becoming harder and harder for bigger players to find enough resources without farming 5-6 provinces away ...they really need to fix this soon ...