Noble glitch

So I don't know what happened, but in the

[EN81] Castelo do Curutelo​

server I was recruiting 2 nobles and had 2 coming home. I noticed going into the academy that one of my nobles just disappeared. I assumed a corrupt admin just was manually removing my noble again like has happened in the past. However, upon a refresh my noble was there. No big deal there, right? HOWEVER, when I was going into my academy, it was allowing me to create another noble. I am wondering had I done such, and refreshed after creating, I may have had an extra noble without using the coins to create it. Not sure how it would have worked. Not sure what triggered this glitch either, I was playing as normal. However, this is a pretty big problem if there is an exploit to have nobles disappear, create new ones and a refresh (key word on IF, I don't know what would happen).

tl;dr my noble disappeared until i refreshed but i had the option to create that disappeared noble (which i didnt do, dw)
would that have given me a 5th noble ?