No quest reward

Already submitted a ticket but maybe someone sees something here.
Basically my start-up is completely ruined because of a glitch.
I didn't get my quest reward resources that I was banking on and it's early game. This bug basically ruins my entire bloody strategy and I wasted my time. I'm infuriated but I know if I cuss then that will be the focus of the thread and it will give them an excuse to deflect from their crappy game.
So I am supposed to be rushing my barracks and was relying on my quest reward resources. I accepted the resources, I saw the graphic of them move to my resources counter and boom. They did not increase. This happened for two quests and I sent them details in a ticket.
The problem is now I am sitting with my thumb up my ass as people get past me because my village strat is now completely stagnated. In a highly competitive game I had my strat streamlined and this just simply single handedly destroyed my progression.

Anyone else ever had this glitch?
I think I will quit the world if it winds up taking a day response when it's the second day of the world.
I want my crowns back if that's the case, and thanks for wasting my time.

And also by quit the world I mean quit the game for good, screw that.
update: i got a response telling me i got the reward for my warehouse quest ( i did not) and also a response telling me i got a reward for my 12 level mines quest.yeah dumbass, my ticket referenced the level 14 mines quest.
this game is a fricking joke, this ruined my entire plan
give me my crowns back and maybe ill come back in a year when you fix your crap game
8when* lol as if. IF