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So the thing is, I sent an attack to arrive in, let's say, two hours. The game told me the night bonus was running out in 1:45 hours, so that attack shouldn't have arrived before the bonus would be gone. The problem is that the attack arrived at its right time, but the enemy still had the night bonus for some reason.

Later on I found out that the timer seems to be wrong for some reason. Last night I checked and at 4 am, my phone was telling me that the bonus would end in an hour, while the PC told me it was going to be over at 6 am, so that's a one hour discrepancy. When I sent my first attack (the one I named before), I did it based on the phone's timer, so of course it was arriving before the bonus was gone according to the PC timer.

No clue why this happens. Ignore this account's data since I had to make a trash account to be able to post here since I wasnt able to do it through my Google login, but the thing is, my game is in Spanish since I'm from there, but right now I'm in Finland for some time, which is an hour ahead. Not sure what's the difference since the game is in Spanish both in the PC and Android by default, but it seems like for whatever reason the phone seems to believe I'm an hour ahead. No clue why, since I'm using the same net and whatnot, but yeah.

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There is no night bonus on the EN servers. Hope this helps :)


But there's in the ES one, that's why I asked to ignore this account and also named the fact that they indeed had night bonus. Thanks for the reply tho.


Then you need to report it there. We can't do anything about the night bonus because the problem isn't on this server.
I think has something to do with local time zone settings on your device plus the server you play on.
If this isn't an issue maybe we can archive this one?


server time and local time are not always the same. Last year, server time was UTC (same as GMT) so when clocks change in spring, it is 1 hr different.
However, this year, the EN server time changed with the clock and is now UTC +1 (same as BST)
This makes sense as all countries in Europe put clocks forward 1 hr on the 25th of March so it makes working out attack times easier because you don't have to worry about adding an hour depending on the time of year.

Confused...? me too :)
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