Next World settings /some stuff Inno could do to revive the game

Next world settings do something inbetween a victory world and a dom world. so maybe like vp but min 30% dom or something. Pure dom worlds are scaring new guys and victory point worlds only encourage Pay to win and barb nobles.

If nothing can be done then a dom world
Speed x2.5
Tribe limit : 40
Fix the barb growth issues.

Encourage small tribes so that it isn't just 2-3 tribes duking it out but a good 20.Something vastly different like that would probably attract more players(atleast older ones) who will be happy its not going to end up merging to win. This would also force the experienced players to ""spread out" so to say and not just all continue to be in the same tribe with the same people every world.

Inno help/promoted revamped twstats for tw2. You already have it for tw1 lets get with the times and have it for tw2 aswell. You could even just use the twstat site and add a tw2 section.It's an Invaluable tool for not only players in general but for tribe leaders and squad/sector leaders .Lets us know whos growing how fast who needs help and much more.Atleast 3 tribe leaders quit when the tw2stats got taken down and alot of their members left too Over one simple mistake too many.(and were talking 200 player tribe leaders with 1/2 atleast quitting with them)

Reduce the gwens. We get inno is a company but people spend enough on crowns as is. We dont need a gwen every 2 weeks or every 2/3 months. it just destroys and imbalances the game because some people are just going to fling money and grab as many nobles , as many coins per villa as they can. Have it ONCE for each holiday. Christmas/new years is ONE easter then halloween and thats it. or follow the pagan solstices etc . En72(and the entire game) has had 2 in about just as many weeks......

Some form of "premium account" or something to make farming less of a hassle. once again take inspiration from your parent game.tw1 has a VERY successful micro p2w in the form of said premium account and honestly? it works because its something players need and are more than happy to pay for. rather than this officer/packages stuff .

Others feel free to add stuff
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Set it back several years before co ops were added where people learned to use skill not cheating. That it was the best then.
Set it back several years before co ops were added where people learned to use skill not cheating. That it was the best then.
Coops have been in Tribalwars since the OG game. I played world 2 and there was rampant coop abuse then. That was like 15+ years ago when you could by in game currency via charging it to a landline telephone bill….