New World Ruzhany Palace (EN70)

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Tribal Wars 2 Team

Dear players,

On 26th of October 2021 the new realm Ruzhany Palace will open its doors. We invite you to join new battles on this new world with 1000 Victory Points as an endgame condition.

Realm configurations

• World speed: 1
• Unity speed: 1
• Merchants speed: 1
• Beginners protection: 5 days
• Night bonus: N/ A
• Tribe limit: 20-70
• Players limit: 50000
• Moral: Active
• Relocation: Active
• Endgame condition: 1000 Victory Points

Useful threads

Configurations Feedback (Ruzhany Palace) - leave on this thread your opinion about this realm' configurations and suggest your own for the upcoming one;
General Discussion (Ruzhany Palace) - debate general matters and current affairs about this realm on a moderated environment;
Biggest Battles (Ruzhany Palace) - share, at any moment, the reports or your biggest battles on this world!

We wish you a lot of fun on this new realm! We are waiting for your opinion about it.

Your Tribal Wars 2 Team.
Not open for further replies.