New Top 10 Tribes Thread

Since the other thread has been taken over by a discussion of a different nature, I'm establishing a new thread here that will continue being about just the maps.

I may transfer over the previous map posts to save them in case the whole old thread gets deleted.
9th of April 2022

Well, it's more of a top 8 right now, as I ignored the BAR and REE tribes (the ones composed of alternate accounts, only created to expand the map), and haven't replaced them with tribes outside of top 10 yet.

1. DOA seems to control the east side of the center, though it has a pretty wide spread. They have 5 players in the top 20, though none in the top 10.
2. KoV has a pretty large spread, creating a belt from North to South through the center. 1 player in the top 20.
3. BDL has a belt of players in the west, one region away from the center, and other players sprinkled in other places. 1 player in the top 20.
4. NEW also has a wide spread, though the west side of the center has the highest concentration. 2 players in the top 20, one of which is in the top 10.
5. Hip is focused on the SW at the moment, with some SE and NW players. 1 player in the top 10.
6. NWT seems to contain mostly rim players, all across the east side of the map. No players in the top 20.
7. SFU is heavily focused in the NW. Important to note they have a lot of crowners, raising a lot of barbarians with MoLs to conquer. In terms of number of villages they are actually 5th at the moment, and have 9 players in the top 20, 7 of which are in the top 10.
8. EOG is also heavily focused in the NW. No players in the top 20.

I did this cause I was bored, and it's the first time I'm doing it. Any suggestions are welcome.
13th of April 2022

I have returned, with your feedback applied (as much as possible). I have made the province line both grey and much more faded, so as to not distract from the tribe colours. I have also contacted people from all the top 10 tribes (with the exception of REE and BAR as last time), to try and get some words/info from each one. However, despite contacting 2 people from each tribe (usually the leader and the one marked as a forum admin) - nobody responded, not even to tell me to f**k off. Due to this the only detailed information comes from the tribe I am in (Hip) and SFU. I hope this changes in the future.


1. DOA continues to hold first place, and they're also the reason why a new colour showed up. AOD is their academy tribe, currently on 12th place, so high enough to have an impact on any conflict the parent tribe may be drawn in. No players in the top 20.
2. BDL have climbed up a spot. They are currently in a war with Hip, and initial battles haven't gone so well for them, though fighting continues. No players in the top 20.
3. KoV have dropped down a spot, which is also visible on the map, where many white dots in the W side of the core regions have vanished. 1 player in the top 20.
4. NWT have climbed up due to massive recruitment on the E side rim. 1 player in the top 10.
5. SFU remains a strong contender, with a few members added, but mostly due to a lot of conquest. The first half of their members have more than 2 villages at this point. There is a NAP in place with Hip, and no formal wars declared, though there have been a few skirmishes in the core. They have 12 of the top 20 players, 6 of which are the top 6.
6. Hip continues to focus on the SW, fighting BDL for control, though a few scraps with NEW, KoV and EOG also took place. 5 players in the top 20, 3 of which are in the top 10.
7. NEW has dropped down a few spots, many of their dots are gone or have changed colours, especially in the W side of the core (like KoV). No players in the top 20.
8. EOG looks pretty stable, slowly continuing their expansion North. No players in the top 20.

It's interesting to notice that the tribes that I noticed had a wide spread at the start (KoV and NEW) seem to have lost the most the past week, which shows that a lack of a solid core makes it hard for a tribe to thrive.

P.S. Again, if anyone wants to share diplomacy/tribe information with me, please contact me. Even cool battles/wars that happened in the past are welcome.
18th of April 2022

Thanks for the feedback, rhaegar. Indeed, SFU reached first place at this point. I also applied the colour feedback, with DOA and AOD sharing the light green colours, and EOD becoming a dark green. Here's the map at this point:

1. SFU has gone through a massive expansion, by recruiting more players and by conquest. It has 9 of the top 10 players, and 10 of the top 20.
2. NWT also had a big jump, though its focus seems to still be the West rim. It has 1 player in the top 20.
3. DOA has finally lost the lead, though that seems to be due to the other tribes expanding faster, rather than them losing players/villages. Still no players in the top 20.
4. Hip is still staying strong, losing players in the North, but strengthening their hold in the S-SW. 2 players in the top 20.
5. NEW has recovered a bit, though they seem to have been forced to the rim both in the NW and SW (probably as a result of fights with Hip and SFU). 2 players in the top 20.
6. KoV is still falling, with little expansion seen at all on the map. 1 player in the top 20.
7. BDL had a large drop, their dots vanishing/changing colour especially in the NW. No players in the top 20.
8. EOG is still chugging along, though they seem to be pushed more and more North. No players in the top 20.
9. AOD has broken the top 10 as the acadey tribe of DOA, thanks to what seems like massive recruitment and some point growth. They have 1 player in the top 20.
Honorable mention: WAR (New World Order) - they now have 2 players in the top 20. Right now they are lower in the rankings due to a low amount of members, but maybe they will show up in the future.

It is sadly impossible for me to get accurate diplomacy information, so instead I will do in-depth looks of the different areas of the map. I will also save the top players to see if any of them change tribes or vanish, so I can pass this information on. Right now this is just the first snapshot of this, future posts will have a side-by-side comparison with the previous state and more details.


The NW is clearly dominated by SFU. Hip lost a few players in the area, one of them being MUHHAMAD, who either got kicked or left the tribe (and currently has no tribe), the other being myself, who moved over to SFU. There are quite a few new dots at the rim, with players from NWT, NEW and EOD. Important to note that the amount of BDL dots is extremely low, some of them being conquered (mostly by SFU), and some just going dark.


In the NE we have to talk about two separate regions. The core seems to be disputed between DOA and KoV, with some important groups of NEW, SFU and BDL players. On the other hand the rim belongs almost exclusively to NWT. I would also note that the AOD presence has increased significantly in the area compared to last time.


The SW seems to be quite split, with Hip having a major presence. DOA still controls the core region with some KoV mixed in as well, BDL has a large presence in multiple regions and NEW seems to focus on the rim (with some new and some restarted players from what I can tell). It's going to be interesting to see how things develop.


The SE seems to be the "poorest" region in terms of top 10 tribes. There is presence from DOA and SFU near the core, Hip and AOD share the southern part, and the eastern rim contains NWT and AOD mostly. This is also the region which contains the BAR tribe was in the top 10 (but wasn't in *my* top 10).

At this moment SFU does seem to be the dominant power, but things could change in the future. See y'all next time.
21st of April 2022

Thanks everyone for your compliments. A new update is here, and there are quite a few news.

First of all, we have a bit of an overload of colours. This due to the fact that we have a new tribe that joined the top 10 (ARC), that I decided to add WAR as they got to 11th (which is 10th if we ignore REE). In addition, the former KoV tribe is now DOH, after they did a partial merge with DOA, with some players transferring there. DOH is now another academy tribe for DOA, though I will remove them from the map next time unless they climb back up in the ranking.

1. SFU (+31 villages, +3 players) - still in first place, they have increased the number of villages they control quite a bit. Some players have been kicked and others have joined, for a net gain of 3 extra players. 9 players in the top 10, 10 in the top 20 (no change since last time).
2. DOA (+35 villages, +0 players) - a wave of conquest (and player changes) sees DOA climb back up a spot. 2 players in the top 20 (+2).
3. NWT (+24 villages, +0 players) - still expanding steadily, they did lose their spot to DOA this time. 2 players in the top 20 (+1).
4. Hip (+22 villages, -1 players) - like NWT, a steady increase due to conquest, which allows them to hold 4th place. 3 players in the top 20 (+1).
5. ARC (+19 villages, +14 players) - a huge jump in the rankings (from 12th place), obviously due to heavy recruitment. The vast majority of players seem to be in the SE and up North, mostly in the rim. No players in the top 20, not even in the top 50, so unless something changes, I don't see them holding their spot.
6. NEW (-9 villages, -3 players) - they're going down and yelling timber. No players in the top 20 (-2).
7. EOG (+9 villages, +1 player) - still chugging along, they are holding a presence in the North. No players in the top 20 (no change).
8. AOD (+16 villages, +7 players) - the first academy tribe of DOA is still recruiting quite a bit, which lets them climb the rankings. No players in the top 20 (-1).
9. BDL (-15 villages, -9 players) - even worse than NEW, BDL is on a steep slope and are losing stuff at a quick pace. No players in the top 20 (no change).
10. WAR (+15 villages, +3 players) - my honorabe mention of last time is still growing quickly, apparently through mostly conquest. 1 player in the top 20 (-1)
(Dis)Honorable mention: DOH (-36 villages, -19 players) - the previous KoV tribe lost many of their good players to DOA when they became an academy tribe for DOA. No players in the top 20 (-1). They are actually on the 14th place at the moment, but we'll see if there will be heavy recruitment going to happen, like AOD did.

Important player ranking changes:
* some changes in the order of the top 10 between the SFU players, with chunktheslayerisbackohno climbing 4 places to 1st
* Zimi is the top 20 player that transfered from KoV to DOA
* Laazh from DOA climbed to top 20 from outside the top 50

Finally, some closer looks at the areas:

In the NW we see a steady expansion of SFU, with several purple spots appearing. Up North we see some EOG, AOD and BDL players showing up, while nearer to the core we can see a former KoV turned into DOA, several BDL dots became purple or turned dark. Slightly towards the West, a DOA player was conquered by Hip and SFU players, another KoV is now AOD, and in the rim there are more EOG and SFU players. We now see that the NW is an important area for WAR, who has a major presence here.


The NE show more of the KoV and DOA merger. Near the core many KoV players are now either DOA or AOD. Like in the NW, the number of red dots (BDL) went down visibly, while NWT is turning most of the map orange. We can also see ARC present up North, among the NWT players.


WAR presence can also been seen in the SW, so Hip has heavy competition in the area, though they have visible growth as well. We can also see DOA has expanded massively in the area, and again KoV dots have turned into DOA and AOD dots. Also, not sure if its worth pointing out anymore, but BDL has lost much in the area.


We can see most of the ARC players are in this area. Also, major expansion by Hip, DOA and SFU took place near the core and to the South, while NWT expanded a bit more in the rim. This area is the one that shows major NEW losses.

Next update will probably be next Monday. See y'all then.
25th of April 2022

It's Monday, so here's the promised update.

Something that is immediately apparent from last week is that the number of colours went down again. This is due to a few things:
* the white of DOH/KoV is gone, as the merger with DOA and AOD is now done, so the tribe is gone
* the yellow of WAR is also gone, as another merger took place, WAR becoming part of Hip
So with those changes taking place, let's look at the new rankings:
1. SFU (+26 villages, -1 players) - some more player changes as well as the usual conquest allows SFU to hold first place. 8 players in the top 10, 10 in the top 20 (1 player from top 10 dropped to top 20 since last time)
2. Hip (+66 villages, +10 players) - the merger with WAR brought quite a few good players, which allows them to jump to second place. 6 players in the top 20 (+3)
3. DOA (+22 villages, +1 players) - steady increase, and now with the merger settled it will be interesting to see how the tribe progresses, if their growth can match SFU and Hip. 1 player in the top 20 (-1).
4. NWT (+9 villages, -1 players) - a pretty poor increase this last period, leaving them on 4th place this update. 1 player in the top 20 (-1).
5. AOD (+34 villages, +8 players) - the academy tribe of DOA seems to have swallowed the last good players of DOH/KoV, which combined with recruitment and conquest lets them jump to 5th place. 1 player in the top 20 (+1).
6. ARC (+4 villages, +0 players) - like mentioned last time, only the massive recruitment allowed ARC to jump to the top 10, and now their growth has basically stagnated. Due to all the mergers they will probably remain in the top 10 for the foreseeable future, but unless they get their conquest on, their impact may be minimal overall. No players in the top 20 (no change).
7. EOG (+4 villages, +4 players) - a bit of recruitment seems to be the only thing between EOG and a drop in their presence. No players in the top 20 (no change).
8. NEW (+6 villages, +1 players) - after their huge drop last time NEW seems to have stabilized slightly, though we will see how that develops later on. No players in the top 20 (no change).
9. BDL (-4 villages, +1 players) - still dropping in villages, it's clear they are not doing well. It's likely BDL is the next tribe to leave this map at this rate. No players in the top 20 (no change).

In terms of player rankings, there are a few things to note:
* venroy777 is in second place and has switched from WAR to Hip with the merger, as did LordDiablos0 from the top 20
* G0R4K P0W from NWT has jumped into the top 10 (8th from 12th)
* the first place is now help by HeyZealot from SFU, the top 10 players from SFU keep switching around
* BabyChey from W*T (a small tribe - Wasting Time) is in top 20 now - if he wants to stop wasting time, he may get recruited by a top tribe
* VojcechK, the top 20 AOD player jumped up there from outside the top 50

Current top 10 is:

Now for a regional look:

The NW sees the transition from yellow to dark blue of the WAR players that joined Hip. Near the core the remaining white dots of DOH/KoV are now the light green of AOD. There is also some limited SFU conquest in the area, as well as recruitment from EOG and NEW in the North and West rims respectively.


The NE sees few changes except the end of the DOH-DOA merger. There are a few new NWT and SFU dots, 2 EOG dots have vanished, and other than that, DOA and AOD have expanded a bit, besides the merger.


The SW has a few interesting tidbits. We can a large part of the yellow dots of WAR transferring over to Hip, though some were left behind. The far West sees new BDL, NEW and AOD players. If we move towards the core, there are 2 EOG villages conquered by a Hip player, then in the core region there is a massive conquest by SFU which gobbled up 3 DOA, 1 EOG, 1 BDL and 1 ARC village. The southern regions close to the core show the same type of DOH-DOA merger happening, but we also notice more BDL vanishing, mostly just by going dark, as opposed to being conquered.


The SE doesn't bring much valuable news: same merger talk. There is some Hip expansion, and ARC and NWT keep expanding the Eastern rim (along with a bit of SFU), while the Southern rim sees either new or restarted BDL dots. The most remarkable thing in the SE is that there are a lot of different colors of dots that have gone dark (NWT, Hip, ARC, AOD, SFU).

This is it for now, there will be another update later this week. Bye bye!
28th of April 2022

Hello again. Thanks for your comments again, and here's the next update:

As predicted last time: BDL is gone. It dropped down to 13th place, so they have been removed from the list. I did change the colour of ARC to red (from brown), so that the contrast is better. This also brings us back to a top 8, ignoring BAR and REE.

I also decided that a good metric to check are the bashpoints, which can show that a tribe leans more towards offensive, defensive, or even if the expansion was done mostly without blood (by taking weak players and barbarians, as apposed to fighting for the villages). Here are the rankings:

1. SFU (+17 villages, -1 players) - Still expanding at a pretty quick rate, SFU holds first place. They currently have 1.6M obp (1st place) and 311k dbp (3rd place), which shows a clearly offensive mindset, their conquest coming through battle. 6 players in the top 10 (-2) and 9 players in the top 20 (-1).
2. Hip (+13 villages, +0 players) - With the WAR merger done, Hip continues to expand quite well. They have 1.1M obp (2nd place) and 373k dbp (1st place), so again, a lot of offensive capabilities, but also first in terms of how much they had to defend so far. 4 players in the top 20 (-2).
3. DOA (+7 villages, -1 players) - The former first place of the world has slowed down their growth after the merger. They have 641k obp (3rd place) and 312k dbp (2nd place). While their spot is well deserved from the bps, the small disparity between obp and dbps seem to indicate that DOA is not as aggresive as the previous two tribes. 3 players in the top 20 (+2).
4. NWT (+24 villages, +4 players) - A massive expansion by NWT this time around, as well as some recruitment. 298k obp (5th place) and 146k dbp (7th place) indicate that they are not involved in a lot of battles, probably due to their rim focus. 2 players in the top 20 (both in the top 10) (+1).
5. AOD (+11 villages, +1 player) - The academy tribe of DOA is still expanding at a steady rate. They have 265k obp (6th place) and 156k dbp (5th place), as well as 1 player in the top 20 (no change).
6. EOG (+13 villages, +8 players) - Heavy recruitment is again the thing that saves EOG from dropping down faster. Only 11k obp (8th place - and it would be much lower than 8th if we were to count tribes outside the top 8) and 149k dbp (6th place). It's pretty clear what kind of tribe this is: a farm for the other tribes. No players in the top 20 (no change).
7. NEW (+8 villages, +2 players) - Seems to have stopped their decline, and their bps at least shows that if they are going down, they're going down swinging: 472k obp (4th place) and 262k dbp (4th place). No players in the top 20 (no change).
8. ARC (-1 village, -3 players) - Maybe assigning them the red dots is having an effect, but they have started a slow decline. In terms of bps, it's not much better than EOG: 33k obp (7th place - though again, lower if including other tribes) and 125k dbp (8th place). I don't see ARC surviving too much at this rate. No players in the top 20 (no change).

Note: obp (offensive bashpoints), dbp (defensive bashpoints); increases and first 3 places in bashpoints are green, values with no change and 4th-6th places are orange, decreases and last spots in the rankings are red.

Some player rankings news:
* Flokii from SFU dropped from 10th to 34th
* killerking from NWT climbed from 22nd to 10th
* BullsBears from DOA climbed from 44th to 17th
* allissomshow from SFU climbed to 11th from outside the top 50

The top 10 is:

And now for a closer look at the regions:

Keeping in mind that the old red was BDL and the new red belong to ARC, we see that some of the old BDL villages have been conquered by SFU. More ARC and EOG players have expanded the NW map a bit. One DOA dot is now SFU, 2 old BDL dots are now part of EOG, and one NWT dot was taken by Hip towards the West. Overall not a lot of changes.


The NE is also stretching, NWT dots pushing up North and East, with ARC and NEW players also popping up towards the East. Some visible conquests are AOD taking an ARC dot, NWT taking an SFU dot and AOD taking a former BDL dot. The rest of the expansions are either new villages, barbarians, or players outside the top 10 tribes.


The SW has gone through some changes, with both new players towards the rim from various tribes (NEW, EOG, AOD, ARC, Hip) and some dots changing colours (Hip -> SFU, BDL -> DOA, NEW -> Hip).


SE continues to be the most boring one, the most remarkable thing being the amount of dots that have gone dark. Two ARC dots are now SFU, but all other new dots seem to be in place of dark dots (barbarians, players outside of top 10, or just newly founded villages). This does make the SE the best place for a summer house right now.

I did try to add a bit of colour this time, let me know if that looks better or not. See you guys on Sunday (most likely).
2nd of May 2022

A new week, a new map. Let's have a look:

A conflict between SFU and DOA (+AOD) has started, though it seems pretty one-sided so far, with DOA losing several villages to SFU. As a result of this some DOA and AOD players have either quit or jumped ship (to NWT it seems).

1. SFU (+28 villages, +0 players) - Still going strong, and winning most of the conflicts they are in. They have passed 2M obp (1st place) and 400k dbp (3rd place). 6 players in the top 10 (no change) and 9 players in the top 20 (no change).
2. Hip (+10 villages, +0 players) - A steady increase, though lower than SFU and NWT. They have 1.57M obp (2nd place) and 444k dbp (2nd place), a steady growth. 5 players in the top 20 (+1).
3. NWT (+32 villages, +2 players) - Another massive expansion by NWT this time around, as well as some recruitment. 661k obp (3rd place) and 249k dbp (5th place), much higher than last time, which shows they finally started being involved in conflicts, as well as stealing good DOA players. 3 players in the top 20 (+1).
4. DOA (-19 villages, -5 players) - They are having massive issues at the moment, with important players leaving. They have 569k obp (4th place) and 477k dbp (1st place). They have actually gone down in obps despite being in a war due to players lost, though their dbps take them to first place. 1 player in the top 20 (-2).
5. EOG (+3 villages, +0 players) - Still floating along. Only 12k obp (8th place) and 220k dbp (6th place). No players in the top 20 (no change).
6. AOD (-6 villages, -7 players) - The academy tribe of DOA has also suffered due to the ongoing conflict, losing villages and players. They have 244k obp (6th place) and 157k dbp (8th place), as well as 1 player in the top 20 (no change).
7. ARC (+6 villages, +5 players) - Some recruitment has brought ARC back up a spot. In terms of bps, still looks pretty bad: 49k obp (7th place) and 159k dbp (7th place). No players in the top 20 (no change).
8. NEW (+4 villages, -2 players) - Again a tribe that seems to be stagnating, though they have more bps than a lot of tribes above them in the rankings: 551k obp (5th place) and 323k dbp (4th place). No players in the top 20 (no change).

In terms of player rankings there have been a few dips and rises, but nothing truly exceptional:
* Stubborn is the third NWT member joining the top 20 (15th from 39th)
* a few DOA members suffered a dip by a few spots in the rankings

The top 10 is:

And now let's looks at the regions:

The NW is the sight of a good bit of aggression. If we look North from the core, 4 DOA/AOD dots are now SFU. Some NEW dots have vanished from the core, though some have popped up in the West rim. The North rim sees a few new EOG and ARC dots, while the middle area sees two EOG dots taken over by SFU and a new Hip dot.


The NE also brings some changes. There are quite a few new rim dots (ARC, NEW, DOA, but most of all NWT). There are also 4 ARC dots changing to NWT in the North, as well as 9 DOA dots that have done the same. Nearer to the core, 2 DOA dots are now SFU, several AOD and NEW dots have vanished. Moving slightly towards the East from the core we see some new EOG, AOD and NEW dots, but also 3 NEW dots now part of NWT. Overall the NE is quite exciting.


The SW is a lot more peaceful than the northern regions. There are dots that have vanished (from DOA, Hip) and new dots from basically all the tribes in the area, but little to no dots have changed color (1 NEW -> Hip, 1 DOA -> Hip)


The SE finally has more stuff happening. Near the core there are 7 DOA/AOD dots taken over by SFU and slightly towards the East we see 6 dots changing color to NWT. Other than that some dots have gone dark (NEW, NWT, AOD) and the rim keeps expanding (NWT, SFU, Hip, AOD).

This is it for this one. I can't wait to see how things progress from here. See you later this week!
6th of May 2022

I wish to thank everyone for your kind words again. As always, let's start with the world map:

We have some interesting developments again. DOA (Divine Order of Ares) has decided to rebrand themselves into DlF (Daemonia lusta Furia = Devil's righteous fury). So like Lucifer, it seems we have some fallen angels on our hands. In addition, a merger with AOD is taking place, most of the good AOD players taking the place of the DOA that have been killed or have left. Not sure if AOD will survive as a tribe or not.

1. SFU (+16 villages, -4 players) - They lost some players, but have still expanded quite a bit. Currently over 2.5M obp (1st place) and 370k dbp (4th place). 7 players in the top 10 (+1) and 10 players in the top 20 (+1).
2. Hip (+29 villages, +1 players) - Another massive expansion by Hip, who seems determined to catch up with SFU. They have 2.1M obp (2nd place) and 487k dbp (3rd place), a steady growth. 4 players in the top 20 (-1).
3. NWT (+29 villages, +0 players) - NWT is keeping pace with Hip, not wanting to lose any ground. 934k obp (3rd place) and 266k dbp (6th place) and 3 players in the top 20 (no change).
4. DlF (+14 villages, +4 players) - Their rebranding, changing players and merging with the academy tribe is allowing the former DOA to remain standing. They have 564k obp (5th place) and 864k dbp (1st place), which shows that they are still getting battered. 2 player in the top 20 (+1).
5. EOG (+17 villages, +5 players) - A large increase this time for EOG, empowered by more recruitment and their first top 20 player. Only 41k obp (7th place) and 291k dbp (5th place). 1 player in the top 20 (+1).
6. NEW (+2 villages, +6 players) - Very little changes overall, though the fact that 6 extra players only brought in 2 extra villages seem to indicate they are still losing many villages. 639k obp (4th place) and 566k dbp (2nd place). No players in the top 20 (no change).
7. ARC (+1 villages, +0 players) - Almost flatlining from the last update, ARC continues to dissapoint in regards to their impact. 89k obp (6th place) and 199k dbp (7th place). No players in the top 20 (no change).

Final mention: AOD (-71 villages, -18 players) - The academy tribe of DOA is falling apart rapidly, and is currently on 15th place. They are left with 59k obp and 58k dbp, and no players in the top 20.

In terms of player rankings, there are some changes:
* Rosar is the EOG player in the top 20 (13th), and he got there from outside the top 50
* SirKillerWhale is one of the AOD players that switched to DlF
* roadrat69 went from AOD to NWT
* Player15110570 from DOA dropped 12 places and is no longer in a tribe

The current top 10 is:

If we take a closer look at the regions:

The NW rim is the home of some new EOG, NEW, SFU and ARC players. Towards the core we see a set of 4 AOD dots becoming DlF, 2 more former AOD dots being eaten up by SFU, as well as a few new SFU, EOG and Hip dots.


The NE sees a focused push by SFU in the core, 3 DOA and a few former black dots now taking on the purple of SFU. Many AOD dots in the area are now either DlF or have gone dark, though we also see AOD and DOA dots now part of NWT. Speaking of NWT, their expansion in the rim is still progressing at an impressive pace.


The core of the SW also sees a bit of conflict, a few villages changing hands from DOA to both SFU and Hip. Some former DOA dots have gone dark, many AOD have transfered over to DlF and we also see a NEW dot showing up. Towards the South we see Hip eating up some DOA and NWT dots. The Western rim sees many new NEW dots, but also the SFU colors overtaking 5 NEW dots.


The SE sees a lot of DOA dots going dark in the core, with some SFU expansion. Goind East, DOA dots have turned into NWT ones, but we also see some NWT, NEW and SFU dots going dark. Towards the south we see some more of the AOD transition into DlF, more dots going dark from NWT and two former AOD dots now being part of ARC and NWT. The SE rim sees two NWT dots now part of Hip and a new ARC player showing up.

And finally, because I was asked, lets see how the other top 20 tribes actually look like:

The full ranking is the following:
1. SFU
2. Hip
3. NWT
4. DlF
5. EOG
6. REE (More Barbs) - this is a tribe created only to expand the map, which is why it's not part of the regular top 10. It's focused towards the NW. 0 obp, 10k dbp.
7. NEW
8. ARC
9. BAR (Barbarians) - same as the one above, and the tribe I use as the cut off. Any tribes below this point will not show up in my regular top 10. They are focused in the SE, pretty close to the core. 0 obp, 62k dbp.
10. JFF (Just For Fun) - a very peaceful tribe (as the name suggests), mostly present in the NW. 1k obp, 46k dbp.
11. CUM (Sesame Street Gang) - great name, hope they get in the top 10. That being said, they have a good number of members, all over the Southern rim.193k obp and 52k dbp, which is a decent amount for a rim tribe.
12. 3BN (3rd Battalion) - another peacceful tribe which shares the Southern rim with CUM. 2k obp and 21k dbp.
13. SPR (roma) - another rim tribe, this one placed in the NE, where I'm guessing they have issues with NWT. 13k obp and 54k dbp.
14. W*T (Wasting Time) - a pretty concentrated tribe, with 7 members, all in the SE. 394k obp and 143k dbp, as well as 2 players in the top 50. I have mentioned this tribe before, and only the small amount of players keeps them this low in the rankings.
15. AOD
16. C-K (Crimson Knights) - a very dispersed tribe, going around the rim from the SW to the NE. 4k obp and 27k dbp.
17. TEU (Teutons) - seems to be in the same situation as REE and BAR. They share the same regions as BAR and FDP, near the core in the SE. 0k obp and 9k dbp.
18. FDP (No Mercy) - another SE tribe with quite a few members near the core. 127k obp and 75k dbp, much better than a lot of the tribes above them.
19. UVS (Universal Soldiers) - most of the members are in the NW region, with a few dispersed dots in other places. 6k obp and 71k dbp.
20. CYT (Corso Young Team) - another concentrated tribe, this one in the rim of the NW region. 84k obp and 55k dbp, as well as 1 player in the top 50. Perhaps they will climb up in the rankings in the future.

I doubt I will add more tribes to the main map, but perhaps I can show the rest of the top 20 tribes occasionally.

That's it for this one. See you next week for the next one.
If you’re incapable of using the mouse wheel I can screenshot it for you. Anything to help the amazing and upstanding forum volunteers we have patrolling the mean streets of Tribalwars.