Neuschwanstein Weekly

To try to drive some interest into the forums, I am going to try to copy what a friend of mine had done for en13 I have talked to Cuddles and asked for his blessing in doing such a thing which he has signed off on. I will likely come up with some sort of name, although graphics is not my thing, so it won't look as nice as his. If anyone is interested in helping me out with it let me know otherwise I will give it a shot myself
I'll wait for the first week to go by for people to get settled as well as having 2nd villages and such, but I'll give it a whirl
I will start up the maps again around the same time possibly later as there will be too many changes in the top 10 speaking from experience.
Will you be doing everything using cuddles stuff as a guideline? Will you come up with anything new? This is the only thread I have any opinion or questions on Q_Q


First issue, we're really big so most of the other tribes are fighting us :p (well it's a start)
Is anyone going to run this, and no i don't have the time, it would be great and possibly bring some people on.
and yet fail! seems either he failed at starting or getting help or the tribes in this world didn't want nothing to do with it
Well i'll do it, i have 16-18 hours a day spare and at least its something i can work on so i don't, mind, i'll start tomorrow and gladly start making this forum fun, for at least the 10 of us :D